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Verizon Galaxy Tab 2 8GB Black. Model SCH-I705 7" 8GB


I just bought a used P3 Standard.
I was hoping to use one of my extra Kindle Fire tablets, but found they didn’t work with DJI Go. I went to the approved list and found the cheapest tablet that was on the list. It doesn’t work.
The app on my Iphone 5s works fine, but I want a larger screen. I can’t afford to keep buying tablets that don’t work. I just get the message "Unfortunately, DJI Go has stopped. Report or OK I don’t know what good report would do so I click OK. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. No improvement.

Gene Jenkins


Did you try installing an older version of DJI GO? If you haven’t tried that, you can find instructions here.

Also, these tips will help you configure your mobile device and DJI GO to run as efficiently as possible.