State Farm Insurance

I’ve had my drone for 2 years and haven’t insured it. Anyone insure theirs after owning for awhile?

Like all insurance, there’s no right time to buy it since it covers damage and/or loss that could occur at any time. So, even after 2 years, it’s still something to consider.

In addition to State Farm, here are a few other commonly used insurance companies that offer insurance for hobbyists:

Also, you could buy DJI Care from DJI if it has never been purchased for your drone before. See more details about that coverage here:

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Does anyone know what the deductible is on the State Farm insurance?? Thanks…

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Per this page on the State Farm website:

“Generally there is no deductible for a personal articles policy, although deductibles are available if desired.”

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Wow, that makes it a lot more attractive than the DJI Care Refresh option. Thanks!

msinger, do you have State Farm?

I have Erie Insurance. I don’t have policies for my drones though.