HOW TO: Buying DJI Care Refresh for your DJI Drone

What is DJI Care Refresh?

DJI Care Refresh is a service plan that covers accidental damage to DJI drones. It’s valid for up to 12 months (for the 1 year plan) or 24 months (for the 2 year plan) from the activation date and will cover up to 2 drone replacements (for the 1 year plan) or 3 drone replacements (for the 2 year plan) after paying a small fee. When you request a replacement, you’ll need to send your drone to DJI and they will send you a new or refurbished drone in its place.


Is DJI Care Refresh worth it?

The DJI Warranty only covers damage caused by product defects (things out of your control). With the addition of a DJI Care Refresh policy, you will also be covered if you accidentally damage your drone (the most common type of damage). A DJI Care Refresh policy will greatly reduce the costs you need to pay out of your own pocket due to accidental damage.


Which DJI drones can be covered by DJI Care Refresh?

A DJI Care Refresh policy can be purchased for the following DJI drones:


Which parts of the drone does DJI Care Refresh cover?

DJI Care Refresh covers the following parts of the drone:

  • Mavic and Spark series drones: the aircraft, gimbal, camera, battery, and props

  • Phantom series drones: the aircraft, gimbal, camera, and props

  • Inspire series drones: the aircraft, gimbal, and camera

Note: The remote controller is not covered by any DJI Care Refresh policy.


What doesn’t DJI Care Refresh cover?

Here are some of the common things not covered by DJI Care Refresh:

  • Lost/stolen aircraft and/or accessories
  • Damage caused by flying in unsuitable flying conditions (see your DJI drone manual for a list of suitable flying conditions)
  • Deliberate damage
  • Damaged caused by 3rd party accessories or software

See a full list of exclusions in the DJI Care Refresh TOS or DJI Care TOS.


How to request a replacement with DJI Care Refresh

Follow these steps to replace your drone through your DJI Care Refresh policy:

1) Submit a repair request from the Online Repair Request page to explain why you’re requesting a replacement.

2) DJI will email you a free shipping label so you can ship the requested items to them.

3) DJI will send you an email as your drone goes through each step of the replacement process. You can also check the repair progress on the Repair Progress page.

Note: DJI will transfer your DJI Care Refresh policy to your replacement drone since it will have a different serial number.


Easiest way to buy DJI Care Refresh

If you buy your drone directly from the DJI Store, you’ll see the option to add DJI Care Refresh during the checkout process. When purchased together with your drone, DJI will automatically activate your DJI Care Refresh policy two days after your drone has been shipped.

Note: When you buy DJI Care Refresh, make sure you have the location in the DJI Store set to the country where you want to have your drone serviced. For example, you cannot buy a DJI Care Refresh policy for the US and use it in Europe. DJI will make you ship your drone to the US to be serviced.


Purchasing DJI Care Refresh separately

You can purchase DJI Care Refresh from the DJI Store, here on Amazon, or from other authorized DJI dealers. After receiving your DJI Care Refresh activation code, you can bind it to your drone by entering the activation code on the DJI Care Activation page.


Buying DJI Care Refresh after 48 hours

After activating your drone in DJI GO, you’ll have 48 hours to buy and/or activate your DJI Care Refresh policy. After 48 hours, you’ll need to submit a video to DJI to show your drone is in working order before DJI will allow you to buy a DJI Care Refresh policy and/or bind DJI Care Refresh to your drone.

Follow these steps to buy DJI Care Refresh after 48 hours:

1) Create a video like this to show your drone is in working order (or follow these steps). It’ll be easiest to record this video if someone else is able to operate the camera while you go through the required steps. If you must record the video yourself, set your camera/phone on a tripod so you’re able to keep it steady and pointed in the required direction while you’re performing any steps where you’re not able to hold the camera.

2) Create an account at YouTube and upload your video. It’s okay to upload it as a private video.

3) Go here, tick the “I have read the DJI instructions…” box, click the “Submit” button, and complete the form to submit your video to DJI.

4) Wait for DJI to email you with the results of your video verification.


Can DJI Care Refresh be renewed?

DJI Care Refresh expires after one year or after two replacements have been requested. Up until the point where your DJI Care Refresh policy expires, you can extend it for another year by purchasing DJI Care Refresh +. With the purchase of DJI Care Refresh +, you can extend the DJI Warranty for one more year and add one more replacement to your DJI Care Refresh policy.


Can DJI Care Refresh be purchased for a used/refurbished DJI drone?

You can buy DJI Care Refresh for a used drone as long as a DJI Care Refresh policy has not been purchased for that drone in the past. And if the previous owner purchased a DJI Care Refresh policy, you’ll be able to use the remainder of the policy (if it hasn’t already expired).

Per the DJI Refurbished Product FAQ, DJI Care Refresh can be purchased for any refurbished drone purchased from the DJI Store or an authorized DJI dealer.

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