Refurbished P3 Advanced

I have a refurbished P3 Advanced drone.In the box I WAS supplied with DJI carbon fibre propellers and a DJI GIMBAL guard across both legs.This seems to me a HIGHLY contiguous subject but that’s not the issue at hand now.The gimbal guard has DJI’S logo cut out of it and it’s carbon fibre.My camera touches on start up.Is there anything I can do besides taking it off which is such a waste as it gives the legs lots of support…

FYI, those are not OEM DJI products. DJI does not make those accessories.

Make sure it’s installed properly. Some guards can be installed backwards – which sometimes allows the camera to make contact on startup.

If it still makes contact after being installed properly, then look into a different brand. The SKYREAT gimbal guard will work as designed.


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Thanks very much.The peculiar thing about my drone kit I purchased in South Africa was that all these things that aren’t oem are in DJI plastic bags with DJI barcode stickers.(props and this gimbal guard)When I talked to Cheizen. China in the chat "box"the agent showed me them fitted to a Phantom 3.The DJI logo was cut out in the carbon fibre on mine(I hope for my sake this is carbon fibre because this stuff seems to me like a big issue with most folks here )

Are your props carbon fiber props or are they really DJI’s carbon fiber reinforced props? DJI’s carbon fiber reinforced props look like this:

No my props aren’t like those at all.Pure carbon fibre just like the gimbal guard.

In that case, you might want to consider purchasing some OEM DJI props. While they might work just fine, people often have trouble with 3rd party Phantom 3 props.

But they aren’t are inside the box.Inside a plastic bag with a DJI bar code (not cardboard) as some people have said.

DJI doesn’t make pure carbon fiber props. Can you post some photos of them?

O.K.There they are in plastic DJI bar coded bags.

Those are definitely not OEM DJI props.

Well I beg to differ.1st. those are genuine CF DJI props and so is the DJI gimbal guard(not coated,lamentated imitation, ones like everyone is saying)That barcode IS a DJI barcode.Go check it out on their website if you don’t believe me.I rest my case! I wish I never knew that there WHERE CF props!

Can you share the links to the items you’re referring to on DJI’s website?

What ever I show you won’t be good enough.So no I haven’t got the time now for all this month or so of long haggling

No worries. I was just trying to help. If you’re sure you have OEM DJI products, then go ahead and use them with full confidence.

Thanks.But I have the oem CF props.There is one thing you can help me with though is the camera on the P3 Advanced.Can I take it off for training purposes so it doesn’t get damaged?

It’s quite hard to crash a Phantom when flying in beginner mode in a wide open location that has no obstacles to crash into. If you can find such a location, you can safely fly with the camera attached.

The camera can be removed like this:

I see what you mean.Not worth taking it off.Too many variables that can go wrong.On landings if you have your gimbal guard on it should be alright?I like those pointy extended snap on landing skids Do they work with the gimbal guard?

The gimbal guard is only going to protect the camera/gimbal if landing on some type of object – like a large rock that’s able to fit between the landing gear. I installed one when I purchased my first Phantom 2, but did not get one for any of my Phantom 3s (or 4s) since I usually take off from solid surfaces. And if I’m not able to land in the same spot, I hand catch my Phantom.

Perhaps. You’ll need to carefully look at how both of those accessories attach to make sure they do not conflict.

My favorite landing gear accessory is a stabilizer like the PolarPro landing gear stabilizers. It’ll both raise your Phantom off the ground a bit and help prevent it from tipping over. That could be useful if you’re going to be taking off from grassy areas.

Yes those are the extended landing skids that I want too.You can get the set /gimble guard+ skids for R351.43 on Amazon.They both fit without conflicting.What then is the use of the helipad when you put it on grass?Won’t the drone topple over?

Are you referring to a landing pad? If so, you shouldn’t need any of those landing gear accessories when taking off from a landing pad.