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Phantom4 firmware update failed problem

I update firmware after updating camera live video not seen my android mobile. The screen is black. I try Dji assistant for firmware downgrade and upgrade but every time update failed. Please help me.please see this link

Just to be clear everything works except no live video, right.
How old is the cell?
What are the Android version, DJI Go version and firmware version?

How solve this problem.please tell me.

I try again fiirmware update but every time update is failed.what can i do it in this situation.

How is the firmware update being done, via the cellphone or computer?

There are options to over coming this issue, search the web on “phantom 4 firmware failed”
DJI Assistant on a computer is talked about.

Also one can perform a firmware reset also using the Assistant program, example:

I already reset the drone but problem is not solve.

I would try the reset again. When I had firmware update issues I did it several times until a success.

Which time you face this problem.
Which one version I update the drone.
The camera status link button is blinking red and green alternatively. Please see my video.

Is the video a link or attached?

OK, so is the firmware issue ok now?
Could try re-linking the aircraft with the controller, check the SD card in a computer or even format the SD card in the computer…

In the SD card record the video. I also try linking aircraft. But problem is not solve.

Please reply me.

Hi, would restate the issue as it is today, just so I know where things are at. Thanks

OK, I wait your help.

Please list the problem and what has been done so far, ok.

I update firmware after updating camera view not seen my android mobile.
I try downgrade but update is failed.
I am reset factory default.
But problem is not solve.
I am uninstall Dji app and again install but not solve the problem.

My problem is that screen is black. Not seen camera view.

What type of phone is being used?
How old is the phone?

Not a phone problem. I used other mobile but not solve थर problem