P4P+ gimble motor overload

Has anybody come across this error? I’ve searched the internet now for 3 days and have come across many many possibilites of the error, but none have seemed to have the fix. Here is my story. All of a sudden it started one day after flying in 10 15 mph winds. “Gimbal motor overload” When I power on the drone, everything checks out. It goes through the pre-flight check just fine. I’ve calibrated, gone through all of the adjustments with the controller on with the drone. I can tell you that everything works fine EXCEPT when it is flying, the video is shaky and very erratic, like the prop wash is making the camera shake… Any takers out there? Thx, in advance I do have a “plus” :slight_smile:

Joel DeVries
Britt, IA

Possibly a prop issue? Have you tried a different set?

They are brand new and have worked just fine with the last 4 flights. :frowning:

New is not necessarily perfection. DJI original props?
If you could list the remedies that you’ve tried that had no effect may help.

In addition to the gimbal protective cat there is a small spring-like stabilizer behind the gimbal which has to be removed. It’s easy to overlook.

That’s protective cap not cat, and sponge like material not spring!

Have you tried a gimbal calibration?
The message means the gimbal movement is obstructed. Try simulating flight with the props off while connected on the ground, and tip the drone in each direction to see where the gimbal can’t keep up, and where the message is being triggered, when the gimbal hits a stop. Sounds like a defective gimbal.

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This is what I’ve done/checked so far:
1.) Made sure the plastic guard/cap support has been removed. 2.) down graded then upgraded firm ware to the latest version. 3.) re-calibrated forward and rear sensors. 4.) re-calibrated the IMU 5.) switched back used my old props. 6.) When I start up the drone and the controller, the gimbal does what it’s supposed to do. The message is on the moment the drone is turned on. “gimbal motor overloaded” I’m noticing that the part that connects the gimbal to body of the drone seems loose and not firmly connected. I will send a picture of what I mean later. Thx, all Joe Drone

I had a similar problem with my original P4 and also with my p4p when trying to use an aftermarket sun shade, For the P4, I solved the problem by balancing the gimbal. For the P4P I just couldn’t use the shade, it works normally. In my opinion, the gimbal motors are marginally weak and the gimbals are terribly balanced. I think that if you get a gimbal motor that is marginal the wind becomes enough to tip the balance and start throwing gimbal overload warning and periodic twitching of the motor.

Gimbal motor overload. I had this message after a small crash into my garage. DJI took responsibility for the crash and repaired the P4P under warranty.

Have you tried calibrating the gimbal in GO 4, while the gimbal motor overload message is displayed, before launch? If you can’t, or it fails, you’ll need to send it in.

The gimbal motor overload message is intermittant…it goes on and off.

You still haven’t answered whether or not you are you are able to successfully calibrate the gimbal in the app.

Yes I have successfully re calibrated the gimbals and the IMU to no avail. BUT, I do think I need to install and new yaw arm. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_1__0lafVk](ht

So, to be clear, the app’s gimbal calibration completes to 100% on the progress bar successfully?

Is your yaw arm bent like in the video?
How did it get that way?
Is this a new P4P or a used one?

Yes it does but in my case re-calibration doen’t fix anything. According to the video, the new yaw arm does. Has anybody done a replacement job like that one? :neutral_face:

I can truly not see a definant bend or deformity in my yaw arm. I have crashed several times but the bird flew good after the crashes. I’ve had this bird for 2years

The last time I flew it was in a 15 mph head wind. Worked fine but when I wanted to fly again it got the shakes.

Sounds like the multiple crashes have finally taken their toll on the gimbal. I thought this was a new aircraft. Good luck!


I never crashed my P4 Pro Advanced but, I started occasionally receiving a “gimbal motor overload” warning over the past few months and after some searching, the issue may be with a bad yaw motor (for me). I’m not under warranty and since I only have one drone, I’m buying replacement pitch and yaw motors to see if that corrects the issue. And yes, I tried everything else first; calibration, etc. There’s something wrong with the motors as the gimbal points slightly to the right and feels loose when drone is on. I’ve had the drone for 2.5 years with a lot of flight time, so it’s likely tired gimbal motors (at least that’s a place to start for $100 anyway).