P4 Gimble Tilt Issue

Whenever I turn my P4 left or right, the gimbal tilts and then very slowly comes back to level. I have calibrated the gimbal and the IMU, and it is definitely in follow mode, not FPV. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Is the camera tilting up/down or turning to the left/right?

The camera does not turn left/right, but it may tilt slightly down. Not sure.

Can you reproduce this if you hold the Phantom in your hands and turn it left or right?

I will try it as soon as the controller and Strobon Cree lights finish charging. Will get back to you in a couple of hours.

I can only very mildly reproduce the camera tilt of I hold the Phantom in my hands and turn it. The camera tilt while turning left/right in the air is more profound, and the camera does move up during the turn, then slowly drifts down below the horizon.

Is there any way to show what you’re seeing?

I have a brief video file ready to upload that shows what I am seeing but I am getting a notice that says the file is not authorized. Should I email it to you?

This is what I see
JohnnyReb P4

Thank you for posting that example.

Any idea when this issue started? For example, did it start occurring after a firmware update, crash, or some type of repair work?

This phantom has been on the shelf for a year. Yesterday I transported it in a car for a short distance, closed up in the gray DJI Styrofoam box but with no gimbal guard. When I removed it from the box and flew it, I had this problem.

Which firmware are you running?


Perhaps you ran into an undocumented bug. Upgrade to firmware 2.00.0700 and see if you’re still able to reproduce that issue.

Why do you have it in follow mode when you are not following anything. That could be part of the issue. Was it in Follow mode in the video you posted?

Follow Mode is the default setting in DJI GO. That’s the setting the OP should be using since he wants to keep the camera level.

You mean GO4…It’s FPV in GO. Doesn’t make any sense but if that is what it is, that is what it is.

Here’s a screenshot from DJI GO 4 when connected to my P4:


"Follow" is the default setting for all versions of DJI GO (versions 3 and 4).

Gimbal settings ( Actually Yaw Follow ), not flight mode. That clears it up.

Unfortunately, the update did not fix the issue. Thank you for helping me work the problem.