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P4 Gimble Tilt Issue


Try this:

  1. Calibrate the IMU (like this)
  2. Calibrate the gimbal
  3. Try reproducing the issue


Calibrating the IMU and gimbal did not help, but this morning I removed the ND8 filter and installed the original DJI lens cover on the camera. That made the problem much worse. Now the odd camera motion that you see in the video is more pronounced, and the camera points 45 degrees down when the drone is hovering.


The only other troubleshooting step I can think of is using the DJI Assistant 2 application to reset the firmware on the Phantom. Doing a reset would allow you to confirm the issue is not firmware related. If that does not resolve the issue, then you’re likely facing some type of hardware problem (e.g. a damaged gimbal).


UPDATE: I sent the P4 to DJI for evaluation. The gimbal motors had to be replaced.