New DJI Policy

How will the new DJI Policy about no flight record syncing for US drone pilots affect those of us who don’t live in the US? Will our flight records still automatically sync in Flight Reader or will we have to do it manually?


According to what DJI shared here, it should not negatively affect those people operating DJI drones outside of the US.

Sooo - that means US users have to pull the SD card out of the controller and manually copy files to use FlightReader?


So Flight Reader will continue to automatically sync flight records from DJI if you are outside the US. The reason I am asking is that I have a paid AirData subscription that is set to renew in November and I want to let it go and completely switch to over to Flight Reader. Right now I use both.


You’d have to retrieve them like this:

It appears that’s what DJI is saying in the above article. We’ll know for sure on June 12th though.

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Is there also a manual process for Pilot2 users?

I don’t have Pilot 2 to verify, but this process should work.