MPP - monitoring battery Percentage vs Battery Voltage

I have seen “some folks” who prefer monitoring battery voltage vs battery percentage. It appears to me that the common consensus is more precise of monitoring of flight time vs remaining flight time. I have always (since Nov '17) used percentage. I have not used battery voltage to monitor a flight.

What are the benefits of each?

I think it’s most important to make sure your Mavic is back near the home point before the battery reaches the low level. If it reaches the critically low level, it will begin auto landing at its current location. While you can steer the Mavic to a safer landing spot, there is no way to cancel that auto landing.

The low battery and critically low battery levels are constantly being calculated in real-time as you fly. Those levels are never triggered at the same exact battery percentage/voltage. It depends on how far and high the Mavic is from the home point.

The battery meter at the top of DJI GO will show you when you’re nearing the low battery and critically low battery levels. This video explains that feature well:

Only use the voltage , I start back at the first cell to show 3.6v but I am super cautious. I would suggest you read these two threads :-