Mavic Air + DJI Goggles?

Hey guys,

I just ordered a Mavic Air and Im excited to mess around with it. I am debating whether to get the the DJI goggles to go with it though. I have some questions about it:

  1. In a video review of the goggles, someone mentioned that, because you aren’t using your cell phone/DJI Go app, there is no GPS tracking for your drone if it goes down it’s much easier to lose. Is this true? Would the “find my done” feature not work if you are just using the goggles? This seems odd as I imagine the “return to home” feature still works which would use a GPS location.

  2. Is it possible in any way to mirror the display from the goggles to a phone, tablet, or anything else?
    2a) It seems that this may be possible with the Litchi app in VR mode with a cheap $20 “VR Headset” since you are using the cell phone for FPV, and you can mirror this to a chromecast or something similar.
    2b) If not with an Air, is the above possible with a Mavic Pro since it uses Ocusync?

I’m just getting into DJI drones and have a Air on the way. However, because it looks like the Pro 2 is being announced next week, I’m thinking I may return the Air and get the Pro 2 depending on size/specs/price

If DJI GO is not connected to the drone, then it’s not going to create a TXT flight log on your mobile device. The DJI Goggles also create a TXT flight log. While those logs can be retrieved via an FTP client like this, I don’t know how to read them since the format of the TXT file is not the same as the TXT file created by DJI GO. Currently, it seems the only option is to sync the DJI Goggles logs using the DJI Assistant 2 application and let DJI support analyze the logs (which wouldn’t be timely enough in this case).

No. That feature can only be used from DJI GO and it will only able to show data from the most recent TXT flight log on your mobile device. I tried copying one of my DJI Goggles TXT files to my mobile device, but it did not show up in DJI GO. So, attempting to view the DJI Goggles flight logs within DJI GO is not an option either.

Right, that’ll still work (even if the DJI Goggles disconnect from the drone). The drone uses GPS data from its internal GPS receiver to navigate back to the last marked home point.

The most common way to do this is by connecting the DJI Goggles to the HDMI output on a tablet. The problem is that most of the tablets that work well with DJI GO do not have an HDMI output. The Nvidia Shield K1 has an HDMI output and is powerful enough to run DJI GO. However, Nvidia no longer manufacturers it, so they are hard to find at a good price.


If it’s an option, OcuSync is the best and most convenient way to connect the DJI Goggles. When connected via OcuSync, the DJI Goggles wirelessly connect directly to the drone. That means you can continue to run DJI GO on your mobile device per the usual.

@msinger thank you for such the detailed and informative response. The more I read about it, OcuSync seems to be a really great thing. I didn’t really know of this when I ordered the Air as I am just starting to get deeper into the hobby now. This furthers my decision to get the Mavic Pro or Pro 2 when it is released.

Just to clarify, the Mavic Pro is able to show FPS flying through the goggles while also showing the camera’s view through the DJI GO app on the remote at the same time? This would eliminate the previous concerns about not being able to use the ‘find my drone’ feature too. Very cool

Thanks again!

That’s correct.

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Yep… I use my Crystal Sky and if the client is around I giver him/her a thrill and throw on the goggles through the HDMI out of the CS… listen to the oohs and ahhh… (next flight +10 %… ha ha)