Leaked Mavic 2 photos & documents

The following photos and documents were posted by OsitaLV and various other drone related sources:





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Cool. I think they timed this to release just as my Mavic batteries began to drop like flies… :slight_smile:

Can you rotate the box please, so we can see the specs.

I would if it was my box :slight_smile:

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Looks to be someone that received one in the mail based on the cardboard seen in the lower portion of the picture. Probably out flying by now.

Building some excitement. 50 hours left.

Wonder where the indicator lights went on the battery.

Maybe the lights are on the side of the battery?

Props are different too.

A few pics Im seeing around of the underbelly

Platinum for compare

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Thats a big boy (comparatively)… 20% heavier than the Pro 1… Pushing over 2 lb where the Pro 1 was 1.6 lb and the Air was 0.9 lb.

Also, here is my rough google-helped translation of Mavic 2specs. This might be a bit off but should be mostly accurate:

CMOS (Mavic 2 Pro): 1 inch CMOS, 2000w effective pixel (5472*3648)

CMOS (Mavic 2 Zoom):1/2.3 inch CMOS pixels

Aperture (Mavic 2 Pro): Hassleblad camera dlog and hlg mode 10 bit color depth equivalent 128mm focal length viewing angle of about 77 degrees

Aperture (Mavic 2 Zoom): Optical 2x zoom equivalent (24m-48mm), 24mm viewing angle is about 83 degrees 48mm about 48 degrees

ISO: (obvious)

Shutter: (obvious)

Resolution: 4K UHD high 30P; FHD up to 120P, maximum code stream 100M

Weight: (obvious)

Max Flight Speed: (obvious)

Max Takeoff Altitude: (obvious)

Longest flight time: (obvious, time is in minutes)

Image Transmission: (obvious)

She looks a little fatter … maybe my poor eyesight :face_with_monocle:

I really wish they would make it easier to see, better positioned LED’s for instance.

STROBON fixes that issue.

Yep, got them for my P3S and MP but it would be nice to have these great strobes built in already.