Leaked Mavic 2 photos & documents


The Mavic Pro 2 box (download the PDF here):


Here are the specs listed on the front of the Mavic 2 Pro box:

  • Hasselblad 1" Sensor Camera
  • 4K 10 bit HDR Video
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
  • 8 km (4.9 miles) Video Transmission
  • 31 min Flight Time
  • 72 kph (44 mph) Max Speed



PolarPro just posted these Mavic 2 filters on their website here:




The label inside the Mavic 2 Zoom battery compartment:


Your fingers are flying today!


There’s lots of good stuff popping up this morning :slight_smile:


Three devices running here.


DJI just posted a bunch of Mavic 2 tutorials in their forum. The links seem to be unavailable at the moment though.


Mystery solved.


Another change from the mp.
DJI sent me my shipping coupon right at 30 minutes after I ordered the m2. Typical.


If it makes you feel better, I tried to use the priority shipping coupon on my M2 purchase and it said it couldn’t be used for this.


For some reason, I’m not surprised. And the DJI guy said they were available “now”. I guess we will find out what that means at some future time.