I have P4P controller , Can I connected to P4PPluse ?

I have P4P controller , Can I connected to P4PPluse ?

You can find a remote controller compatibility chart here:

But it is not mentioned if P4P controller is compatible to P4P Pluse Phantom aircraft , Please confirm

The drones that come with the plus packages are the same as the non plus drones. The only difference is the remote controller (with a screen or without).

I am afraid you didn’t get my idea, actually I have phantom 4 pro, and it was clashed, so the original remote controller for phantom 4 Pro is with me now, I am planning to buy a phantom 4 pro plus, but I did not know if my previous controller (for phantom 4 pro) is suitable and can be connected to phantom 4 pro plus, So can I use my previous controller to be connected with the new phantom four pro plus Instead of phantom 4 pro plus controller?

I think I’m following :slight_smile:

The Phantom 4 Pro and Phantom 4 Pro+ come with the same Phantom 4 Pro drone. There is no such thing as a “Phantom 4 Pro+” drone. The only difference between the two is that the Phantom 4 Pro comes with the GL300F remote controller (with no screen) and the Phantom 4 Pro+ comes with the GL300E remote controller (with a screen).

As you can see in my chart here, the GL300E and GL300F work with any Phantom 4 Pro drone.

wow , thats great