DJI Phantom Remote Controller Compatibility Chart

RC Model P3S P34K P3SE P3A P3P P4 P4A P4P P4PV2 Notes
GL300C Ver.B
GL300E Built in display
GL300K Built in display
GL390wA 922.7 - 927.7 MHz
Smart Controller
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The DJI Smart Controller is now compatible with the Phantom 4 Pro V2 if you’re running firmware version 1.00.0565 (or higher) on the Smart Controller.

Hey, just a FYI, my P4Adv. came with the GL300C controller. I saw in the compatibility list that the C won’t work with the Advanced. Or maybe I’m missing something. Thanks

Those two should not be compatible. Are you sure you have a P4A and GL300C?

Absolutely sure. Model # AC= WM332A Controller= GL300c. I can send pics if need be.

Thanks Kindly : very Helpful . :grinning: :love_you_gesture:t2:

I’m trying to pair my Phatom 4 with my Phantom 4 Pro + V1 remote (P4P+ drone is gone). The chart shows it’s compatible. My remote shows GL300E, but I’m not having any luck with the linking process. Is anyone available to lend a hand?

Thank you

You need to set the remote controller type in DJI GO before attempting to pair it.

Thanks for your reply. I had tried that prior and recorded this and posted it to the FB group. I also did it prior to attempting to pair with the exact same result.

Have you seen it where the drop-down won’t accept the P4 selection and just goes back to the P4P setting?

Never. I’m able to switch that setting as long as the remote controller is connected to DJI GO.

I have a Phantom 4 pro+ 2.0 with the built in 5.5 inch screen. Can I switch the remote controller to the GL300L so I can use a tablet instead?

Yes. That’s the remote controller that comes with the P4PV2 (which is the same drone you own).

Amazing chart above, thank you!

I’m looking to switch replace the stick module in my GL300E as the right assembly is broken. (Literally just the plastic that holds the Y value rotors in place)

If I were to swap the stick module from say a GL658B, will that stick module be compatible with a GL300E?

I have a Phantom 4 Pro +

Is it the Version B?

Hi. The GL658B is NOT compatible with the P4 Advanced. Tried linking it for 2 days and no luck. Contacted DJI and they confirmed that it won’t work.

With a Phantom standard, using Samsung android S9+. Is it possible to use a Ipad rather than the the s9+ or in addition to the phone?

The display on the cell phone is not enough…