HOW TO: Update Mavic Pro firmware

How to update Mavic Pro firmware using DJI GO:


How to update Mavic Pro firmware using the DJI Assistant 2 application:

Will there be a section on downgrading the software to older versions? Apple/Android?

I upgraded all mine yesterday to the latest version, all seems ok at the moment. Has anyone reported any issues with the new upgrade ?

I believe the most current update, if you read the log, will NO LONGER ALLOW you to reload an older version of the s/w. As of Late July 2018. Don’t believe me please read the update log for changes/improvements for the latest version.
My view- this will dictate you upgrading your controller display every couple of months or so while DJI tries to maintain the fleet of drones off of a single app. Why? B/c keeping the app up-to-date for ALL the drones will require more and more horsepower from the display to provide. Think about it.

I documented that process here for Android devices: