HOW TO: Sync your DJI flight logs to the DJI Cloud

After flying, you can sync your latest TXT flight logs to the DJI Cloud like this:


DJI Fly:

DJI Pilot:

Once your flight logs have been synced in DJI GO/Fly, they can be automatically downloaded to Flight Reader by adding your DJI account in the "Sync Flight Logs" section of the Flight Reader Options window. This feature is available in Flight Reader version 1.4.0 (or newer).

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Just got the 1.4.0 update notification! This is huge! I had previously done some Android automation to move the flight logs to a one drive folder but this just completely helps simplify my workflow! Thank you!

It is Christmas in January because this is a feature I was not expecting that just changed everything! Great update for Flight Reader!

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