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Generate Aircraft CSV Report Issue

There is a data anomaly with aircraft logs, that is especially evident when I try to generate an aircraft CSV report. Some of the records have wildly inaccurate data. The (3) bad records start with a Flight date of 12/31/1969 in the CSV export, but not the application. In each case, the start time is incorrectly shown as 7:00 PM in both the application and the CSV export. Max distance, max height and max speed are also wrong as far as I can tell. Flight durations are really high, for example 1589743929. In one of the three cases, the latitude and longitude are blank.

Can you send those logs to me at

The raw .txt flight logs or the CSV file?

Please send me the TXT files so I can take a look at the raw data.

OK, I sent it in two ZIP files.

Out of the 70 log files you sent me, can you name a few by filename that show these issues?

Also, which version of Flight Reader are you using? If you’re not sure, right click the Flight Reader system tray icon and choose “About Flight Reader”.


I just noticed that each of these log file are 11-14kb in size - much smaller than the other log files.

Version 1.0.22

Do you see the same issue in version 1.0.25 (the current version)?

Yes, unfortunately the issue remains in 1.0.25, even after reprocessing the log data.

The aircraft did not take off in these logs. It looks like you might have powered on the aircraft for a short period of time and then turned it off. That would also explain why the log files are so small.

Are there any logs where you did fly and the distance, speed, height, etc. are incorrect?

Thanks, I guess that makes sense. I will just delete those logs.

Did you happen to see the other issue I reported here: Battery Temperature Wrong ?

I did. I will reply over in that thread.