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Battery Temperature Wrong

Battery Temperature is showing up in the processed Mavic Air 2 logs incorrectly. There are entries for 170.2 and 170.4 throughout the log data. If I were to believe the data, my battery temperature is routinely increasing by ~100 degrees F in about a second.

Is this from one of the 70+ logs you sent me? If not, can you send me the log you’re referring to so I can take a look at that data?

Yes, the problem is evident in those logs.

I was able to reproduce this issue and am working on a fix to correct that data. I’ll let you know when the new installer is available.

Excellent. Thank you.

What’s the ETA on this fix?

I emailed you a link to download a new version that includes a fix.

Thank you! That seems to have fixed the problem once I reprocessed the flight logs.