FAQ: Log file analysis tools for .dat files...

I am trying to learn how to do log file analysis. I found the .txt file tools at airdata & PhantomHelp, but they show basic flight data and replays.
How does one get the very detailed graphs of controls and system stats shown in many crash analysis forum posts? I have the .dat files…
I looked at CsvView, it did not seem to show much of what crash analysis messages show.
(For example: Mavic Air went rogue + crashed )
DatCon does extract lots of data, does one have to manually graph it?

is the right tool for this the DJIAssistant - which currently won’t load on windows due to bad-certificate problems?

Which .dat files are you referring to? The device or the aircraft .dat.? CSV View is a great tool for both the .txt files and the aircraft .dat. You will need to use Datcon for the aircraft .dat files and convert them. Also, any of the CSV files can be imported into Excel as well. I do over 90% of my graphing with CSV View.

The device - I got the files from the Android phone used, (dji/dji.go.v4/FlightRecord).
The graphs I referred to (in the crash analysis) look a lot like those shown in the “Flight Controller Data Analysis Series Tutorials” -(https://forum.dji.com/thread-114810-1-1.html ), but that says it is for Phantom & Inspire models. And starting it says: “How to connect to the Inspire 2”. So is this also for the Mavic Air? Or some equivalent tool? I downloaded the Assistant tool from the MA download site - but starting it - only says how to connect to Inspire. Can I just feed it .dat files from the device, or do I need to connect it to the MA? (Are there two different versions of the .dat files?)
I understand I can decode the files and use DYI tools, but I am asking if this or equivalent tools are available for the MA.

CSV VIew and Datcon can be used with any DJI aircraft .txt and/or .dat files. The only exception being the .dat from the MP2.

Yes - thanks - and as noted I have already tried them - they give a data dump and csView some graphs of a few parameters - but I am asking about the plotting files like those shown in the thread:
( Mavic Air went rogue + crashed )
(I don’t see how to include an image in this post…)

Those are screen shots from CSV View…Like this…

Thanks! Interesting, All I had seen was simple simple more grainy plots from the startup screen, I’ll have to learn more about the tool. What you show is exactly what I was wanting - many thanks.

I’m guessing that you saw the sample SigPlayers that are distributed with CsvView?

You can create your own SigPlayers and populate them with any signal that DatCon produces. The manual explains how to do this.

You do not have to run DatCon first and then feed the result to CsvView. If you submit a .DAT to CsvView it will use DatCon internally to do the conversion. However, there are some situations where DatCon has to be used before submitting the .csv to CsvView - primarily to change the default sample rate.

CsvView/DatCon can not process the .DAT from the Mavic Air or Mavic 2 since they are encrypted. However, the tablet .DAT is not encrypted and can be processed by CsvView/DatCon

Yes, exactly right. I’ll explore more now.
But; i did just upload the .dat file from my device (not AC), and put it straight into CsvView - worked fine. (?)

Many thanks.

But; i did just upload the .dat file from my device (not AC), and put it straight into CsvView - worked fine. (?)
It’s supposed to work. The device .DAT isn’t encrypted.

Just for FYI…pay attention to what @BudWalker is telling you about Datcon and CSV View. He created it.
He can give you much better instructions when needed.

Very good- many thanks.
Q: is the data the same in the Device .dat file and the MA .dat files?
Great tool - thanks again.

The AC .DAT file has more data fields and at a higher sample rate.