During takeoff Standard 3 wants to flip over

I purchased a Phantom 3 Standard off of e-bay. When I got it I preformed all updates and calibrations including IMU. When I get everything ready for flight (all normal flight procedures) and start to lift off It wants to flip over backwards like I’m not getting enough power to the two rear motors(looking from the nose of the aircraft). Could this be a ESC problem or a calibration problem?? I would appreciate any help or ideas!

Pull the .dat file from the aircraft. You can find out how to do that here:
That could give you your answer.


Thanks for the reply and the info. I will try that but I don’t know what I’ll be looking for in that file when I open it up. Do you have any tips there??
Thanks much

Upload your .txt log file to the link below and we can tell you which .dat file you need.
Share a link back here to the uploaded file.

Flight Reader

I’ve got .dat files downloaded, how do I convert the .dat file to txt log file so I can upload to Flight Reader?
Thank You!

You don’t convert the .txt file. What I said was, upload your .txt file to the link I posted above and share a link to the uploaded file back here. That way we can look at the file and tell you which .dat you need. Instructions for uploading the .txt file are on the link. There are many .dat files, and you are wasting your time if you don’t know which one you need. The .dats are usually large files but in your case they may not be. You wont be able to upload the .dat to that link. The .txt files are on your device you fly with. Not the aircraft.

I uploaded the file. The .dat file log I downloaded from the P3 are .dat files and they don’t look like the .txt files, This is the example showing in Flight Reader (ex. “DJIFlightRecord_2016-02-12_[15-33-10].txt”), There are 15 .dat files I uploaded from the P3, these 15 files just reflect the time span of my ownership. Just uploaded one of those to the Flight Reader. The link to what I uploaded is; https://www.phantomhelp.com/LogViewer/Upload/UploadFile.asper.?response=&email=
The page come up and says, “The page was not displayed because the request entity is too large.”
I’m sure I’m doing something wrong! Pardon my ignorance please!

You need to find the .txt file from your latest flight. It should be (ex. DJIFlightRecord_ 2022- xxx )
The .txt logs are recorded after motor start. Look for one from 2022. You don’t upload the .dat file to that link. ONLY the .txt file. And share the uploaded link back here to the flight reader. Then we can tell you which .dat file you need to give you much more additional data.

Say Brother, I have nothing in a .txt file. All I have is the .dat files that I uploaded from the drone and they’re in .dat format only. I have no .txt logs. Where are these .txt files suppose to be? I have seen nothing in .txt format. (ex. DJIFlightRecord_ 2022- xxx )

The .txt logs are on your phone or tablet, whatever device you fly with. Follow the instructions on the Flight Reader link to locate them. The aircraft only records .dat files. The info for which .dat you will need is contained in the .txt log.

Hopefully I did this right. This is the last flight shown. I didn’t run up to full power on this flight because it would tip backwards but I did power it up to the point it was going to tip over. Here’s the link
DJI Flight Log Viewer - PhantomHelp.com

Yes you did that correctly. The file you need is FLY032.DAT.
What you will need to do is upload that file to a share site such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc…
and share a link back here to that file, if you would like others to take a look at it for you.
I did take a quick look at the .txt file but not enough info there unfortunately.

I see one cell had 0 volts but the total volts were still ok
I was always told to start off with a fully charged battery.
Probably isn’t your issue but maybe try another battery if you have one
51% 15.36V 3.85V 3.85V 3.85V 0V

Great! is this FLY032.DAT among the dat files I downloaded from the plane? if not where do I need to go to get it?
Thank you

That 0 voltage was a data anomaly. Charting that out looks fine. There were numerous signal drop outs.
Good to see someone else who is interested in data though! There are very few around any more, and most of us have been around a while… :+1:

Look through the files you downloaded it should be there.

Just another wild guess since you got it off ebay.
Could someone have put the wrong motors in and it ended up with wrong props?

Still waiting on FLY032.DAT. But, I did notice this about the .txt log file. The field OSD:motorFailReason shows multiple reasons

The values given are non-informative (e.g. “Other(176)”). But, the fact that this field is usually “blank” suggest there is some problem with one or more of the motors.

Unfortunately, the P3 Standard .DAT lacks most of the motor data seen in the P3 Advanced or Pro. Only the motorCommanded data exists. Even so, it’s possible the .DAT will yield more info on this issue.

Here’s the FLY032.DAT file link


Two things more from the .txt log. The SMART BATTERY FIELD suggests Serious Low battery landing for the entire length. If that is TRUE, and it is a field that is not being read properly, would that not allow you to takeoff ??? Secondly the motor fail reason field is empty when I read it. There may be more than a motor/esc issue if the former is correct. Thoughts? Lastly, lots of signal breaks ups at close range.