DJI Care-Refresh Program

I just received my new Mavic Pro and got the notice about the Care-Refresh program…basically an insurance policy, it appears. As I’m reading it, it’s $99 to join and $79 for the first replacement. My question is, how good is this program/policy and have any of you had to use it? If so, how was DJI’s service and attitude in honoring the policy? Smooth or like pulling teeth? Is it worth the money?

Check out this thread for more details about DJI Care Refresh:

The major thing it doesn't cover is a lost drone. If that's something you want to cover as well, you'll need to take out an insurance policy from a company like State Farm.

As Mike said, CareRefesh doesn’t replace a lost drone. However, mine (M2Pro) got hit by a wave at the beach. I thought I would have to buy a new one since I didn’t have a body to send back. However several weeks later, it washed up on shore and someone recovered it and left it above the waterline. We just happened to be walking in that area, found it and I was able to send it back, sand encrusted and all. DJI replaced the drone and the battery. I was able to recover my SD card and my filter and could view up to the moment the drone got hit by the wave.

I had it but luckily never had to use it. I have heard fairly good things about it. They generally (depending damage) ship you a new or refurbished drone back vs. repairing it.

Some great points mentioned.

One other note: IF you do have to send it back, it normally goes to Calif. They give you a free shipping label, but it’s the lowest and slowest method. So if you are like me on the east coast, 1 week just to travel plus one week back - 2-3 weeks minimum. You CAN ship yourself for quicker delivery and pay for faster delivery back.

Also IF you get a new or refurbished drone, make sure you un-register the old with the FAA just in case they fix it down the road and use to replace someone else drone (assuming you registered it)

Just a thought…

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Thanks for the feedback guys. So I’m reading that it is a viable program and as long as you can produce “the dead body” the DJI folks are pretty good about honoring the agreement. To further the discussion, it appears that it is a reasonable fee for the policy you are paying for. Being very new to the drone world I stepped in cautiously by buying a used P3 Adv on ebay for not a lot of money. I’ve already had several hard landings and some contact with tree lines by flying only LOS (line of sight)…which quickly teaches one that sh*t happens with these things all the time…just read the forums, lol. I’ve spent $99 in worst ways. I guess I’ll sign up for some DJI drone insurance. The first year, I’m sure, is the steepest learning curve anyway. It seems like a good price for some piece of mind.

The more frequently you fly, the more valuable it is. Every flight and handling of the drone puts it at risk, so get it, and fly the heck out of it, and hope you never need to use it. It sure speeds up the process when you screwed up and the drone was damaged. Even dropping the drone on the ground when it slips out of your hand can damage the fragile gimbal and camera, which are the most expensive components. Even with DJI Care, you still have full warranty coverage, so, if it wasn’t your fault, you won’t need to use one of your two replacements, which each require a deductible. Safe flying!

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Put it this way you have spent a lot of money on the drone, what is an extra $99 on top, ok you might not need to use it, but if something does happen and it’s smashed to smithereens and you don’t have the refresh pack you will have to fork out another lump of money to replace the drone or pay $79 for a repair with the refresh pack.
And as long as you can send it back to them no matter what state it is in they will replace or repair it.

I have used it, with no issue on my MA total cost of repair would of been $250 instead I paid $79

Happy and safe flying

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Wait, you register with the FAA using the serial number now? Because my FAA reg number is not associated with any one aircraft.


You only register using the serial number if you’re registering under Part 107. Recreational flyers can use the same FAA registration number on all of their drones.

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