Disconnected - Mavic 2 Pro lost

Another one !!

Recently upgraded to the M2Pro after having the MavicPro and Phantom before that.

This morning I was flying as normal with good GPS signals and line of sight, over a very similar route to the previous 2 days. Even took off from the same location in similar conditions.

Got a message on the mobile screen that the drone had disconnected, same message on the RC too. Tried unplugging the phone and reconnecting, and also tried several times to restart the RC. Moved to a higher location in case there was something blocking the signal, and also walked towards the last location of the drone. Despite many attempts and restarts of the controller, I was unable to reconnect.

Interestingly, the RC did flash up a couple of messages after the disconnection, one about EMMC being full and another about returning the sticks to centre.

But the Mavic 2 Pro is gone. Another disconnection problem.

any ideas about possible causes? Unable to post the .txt file or csv as I am a new user.

thanks in advance,

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Since you restarted your RC, you likely have multiple TXT/DAT flight logs on your mobile device. Please zip up all of those files (the filenames will contain the date/time of your flight), upload them to a file sharing site (like Dropbox.com), and share the download link here.

Not sure where those files are located? See the instructions at the bottom of this page for locating the mobile device TXT files. See these instructions for locating the mobile device DAT files.

Thanks for your reply.

I just had a look on the mobile phone and there appears to be only 1 .txt file from today. I saw that there was one .txt file for each of the flights today, but only one with today’s date. So I assume that there were no more .txt files created after the disconnection. Also, when I look in a viewer, it appears to show the entire flight up to 7 minutes 35 seconds when the disconnection occurred.

Anywhere else that the .txt files could be stored, or is there only 1 .txt file for the entire flight?

The plot thickens…

Very interested to see in the MCDatFlightRecords that there are no . DAT files from the Mavic 2 Pro…only from my previous Mavic Pro up to March this year. I did find a couple more .txt files from today in the Sync folder, but no .DAT files.

Sorry for my ignorance here…I thought that I had been lucky over the last few years because I had escaped so many of the problems that I read about on the forums, so had never had to the need to investigate like this before. That was until today…

thanks again !

(also posted on the MavicPilots.com forum)

Did you sync your flights logs in DJI GO after this flight? For whatever reason, I found that sometimes deletes those DAT files.

Yes, I did synchronize the flight records, but I have read somewhere on another forum about Mavic 2 's not always storing the .DAT files. Might have something to do with Android versus iPhone, but when I looked in the McDatFlightRecords folder, the only .DAT files that were there were from my previous Mavic Pro (1) .

I have sent all the files that I have to DJI after opening a support ticket with them. Given that the drone was not far away, was in clear line-of-sight, was flying in calm (early morning) conditions and over a route very similar to the previous two mornings then the loss of connection and failure to reconnect is a mystery.

I do not want to sound blase, but I have been flying drones for a number of years and apart from one problem with the original Mavic Pro (which was caused due to low early morning sun fooling the sensors) then I have had problem free flying. I had escaped the problems that so many people on the forums had had, but yesterday I also became another victim.

One very interesting and thought-provoking point from yesterday’s failure…I was very lucky that the drone failed and stopped flying over a lake. It would have been much more serious had the drone (980g of it) had fallen vertically over an inhabited area.

I haven’t run into this problem yet. I’m using both the Android and iOS version of DJI GO. The deleted DAT files on syncing is something I’m able to reproduce though.

Perhaps this one will turn out in your favor. Your log doesn’t show any signs of user error.

OPEN your app , top right corner open look for FIND MY DRONE, should be there

I had constant disconnect issues with the original controller and my phone so I ended up buying the smart controller. Wasn’t worth the risk of losing the drone.

When you get disconnected, the Mavic 2 Pro returns automatic to the homepoint. Did your drone not come back?

Nope, it just disconnected and then never came back to the RTH point. I waited at the home point just in case it did come back but after 40 minutes it had not returned. I presume that it is now deep down in the lake. It appears to have disconnected and then disappeared.


I have been in contact with DJI and they wanted (not unreasonably) to see all the flight records etc. from my telephone. Their replies were actually fast and seemed helpful. They also analyzed the data and came to the same conclusion as above, that the drone just stopped flying for no apparent reason. So at least there is general agreement that it was nothing that I did/did not do that caused the disconnection and subsequent loss of the drone.

But here is where it gets interesting… they have offered me a 30% discount if I buy the same drone again (minus the battery charger). I have written back and said that as I did nothing wrong and it appears that the drone was faulty, then I would like a replacement drone free of charge. I am certainly NOT going to spend another large sum of money on the Mavic2 Pro if it can just fall out of the sky after less than 6 weeks.

So now I am waiting to see what DJI say. My final course of action will be to start a claim that the goods were faulty (=not of merchantable quality), as a drone at this price should last for more than 6 weeks. But I will wait and see what DJI say.

Not interesting at all its outrageous they won’t cover the drone. Makes me wonder what they will charge me for my mishap

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That’s their standard offer when fault cannot be found on either side.

That could be an option depending on how you paid for your drone and whatever the law allows in your country. The only possible issue is that it seems there is no evidence to place the blame on either your or DJI.

I think that there is enough evidence (the disconnection and also the flight records) to show that the drone did not perform as it should have (eg lost connection and failure to return-to-home). A drone that is less than 6 weeks old should be expected to perform reasonably, and it did not in this case.

Still no further reply from DJI as yet, I will wait until after the weekend then start to take the matter further. Disputing the credit card charge may be the way to go if it comes to that.

I hope you’re right, but I’m just not seeing anything that points the finger either way.

With the drone in hand, DJI would have had the data they needed to determine what happened. I guess flying BVLOS is not illegal in Switzerland?

so far, DJI are still refusing to provide a replacement drone. One of my arguments is that not only did the drone fail (by disconnecting) but it also failed to return-to-home as it should have. I am giving DJI a few more days to offer a replacement drone before I start taking more action against them, such as disputing the credit card charge.

I have lost a lot of confidence in DJI. People can forgive a lot IF they see that a company is trying, but so far my experience with DJI Support is that they are just trying to avoid liablility.

So I may be disconnecting myself from DJI. Poor customer service will not be accepted, nor will a drone which had a fault. Watch this spot !

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I guess they could have some great counter arguments too. For example, why were you flying BVLOS (assuming it’s illegal), was the wind too strong for the aircraft to return home, was your battery damaged, and was it inserted properly? While all of these things are great arguments (included your points too), none of them can be proven with the data you have. If that’s all true, I’m not sure it’s a dispute you could win (in the US anyhow).

Agreed with @msinger…Unfortunately the Mavic 2 on board files are still encrypted and only DJI can view those at present.

In this case, those files wouldn’t even help since the aircraft is gone :frowning:

I realize that. It was a "what if " scenario…:wink: