Did anyone find a compatible Android Tablet for the mini 2

I’m fairly new to drones and also have 54 year old eyes… I would to fly with a tablet 8 to 11 inchs.
The tablet will only be used to fly my mini 2 (and maybe mini 1). I am not an apple user so I don’t really wish to have to learn a new OS. Can someone please help? I thought of a Galaxy Tab S6 lite but read that maybe it doesn’t work? I also wish it could have been a sub $500 CAD tablet as i will only use it for drone flying.

Edit Jan 25:
I could get a Samsung tab S7 for free (Credit card points) does anybody have input on compatibility?

i use a xiaomi pad4 with cellular.

Hey, thanks JJB.
Your first one to send me a good answer.
But here in CAD it is not easy to find this model and the price is quite high. Around $700 CAD.
Plus the cell not compatible with most providers in Canada (Frequency)

But hey, thank’s again for your input. I really appreciate it


wow, i paid only about 240 Euro (370 CAD).


I use a Samsung Tab A - need 32 Gig model - must have 64 bit OS - I used it first with my Mini 1, but I now use it with my Mavic 2 Pro. Just make sure you get the right cables and holder (I use a Hanatora Aluminum-Alloy Tablet Holder) I got my tablet at Sam’s Club, just make sure it is a 32 GB unit, with 64 bit OS. I got a smaller model of the Tab A first, but it would not work, had to return it.
I paid $130 for the Tab A, it is an 8" unit.
Happy flying…

I am using the Samsung tab A and having good results. Its the 2019 model to be exact, specs the same as stated above. Got mine from Sam’s Club for 100 bucks

Thank you very much…
I’ll order one today and keep you posted…

Really appreciate the input Floridatom😉

Thank you also Swaltman. Your confirmation gave me the satisfaction to go ahead with the buy.

To be on the safe side, I dont use my tablet for any other use and have only downloaded the apps needed to fly. DJI FLY was not available in the play store so I used the other download method here:


Are you using the 8 or 10 inch version?
And your ram is 2GB?

Thanks again

8" and yes 2gb ram

You will need a tablet holder and also a longer cable


Got it,
Thanks… I just ordered it!

Thanks to all of you…

Also, make sure you update your tablet once you get it

One thing that is very important is that the device is a 64 bit system - if it is not, DJI software will not run. There are apps you can download from Google Play which will tell you the cpu size you have. Just search on Android CPU size, I will not recommend any because that can only lead to more confusion and problems. Believe me, this is a problem as I encountered it with two devices I tried as a new Mini 1 user!
One thing I did invest in when using my Mavic 2 was the Litchi app, I believe it now supports the Mini 1.


The Samsung tab A I’ve shown is a 64 bit system.

No one is questioning that tablet, just the one that is ordered. Not all Tab As are 64 bit systems, I know, the first one I purchased wasn’t. Just make sure that if there is any trouble loading the DJI app, that the unit is a 64 bit unit!


Highly recommend the Triplek tablet. Not only is it the right size but also very bright and durable!

Lmao, that tablet cost more then my drone did…hard pass


Thanks for the caution. First thing I’ll do is update the tablet and verifie it’s architecture.

We are so unlucky in Canada… first price wise… my tab A (2019) cost 175$cad.

Now if this one doesn’t work, I might go for a top of the line tablet Tab S7 …

Has anybody tried with the Tab S7?
(I can buy it with credit points we usually use to travel… Thanks COVID)

But first let’s see if the Tab A works :+1::crossed_fingers:

Sounds like for the price you paid, it is the better Tab A. I just looked up the S7, a lot of money, even if just for points - would hate to see you taking that good of a tablet out in the field - just get a Tab A that works and take care of it and I’m sure it will be good for you, has been good for me. Like any new drone flyer, you are going to keep hitting little bumps, that goes with the game ;-} I keep a sheet of all my purchases, so I can always know what, where and when I purchased things.
Happy flying, Tom