Connecting R/C to Computer

Trying to Connect the R/C for my Phantom Pro+ Obsidian to My Laptop Computer to Download the Flight Log. I Lost it When it Became DISCONNECTED and NEVER Returned to Home Like it is Designed to DO. Is the Controller Compatable With a WINDOWS Computer Running Windows 7 Operating System? I Connected the USB Between the R/C and My Laptop and NOTHING HAPPENS. Noting APPEARS on the Display Screen of the Controler. Am I Doing Something WRONG??? Please Help.

See this link for full instructions: Flight Logs From P4P+

I DID Just Like it SAYS But NOTHING Comes Up On the Display Screen of the Controler or On My Laptop.

Can you explain in detail the exact steps you’re following to attempt to connect your remote controller?

Once connected to your computer, does your computer play a sound to note a device was connected (like it does when connecting other USB devices)?

I First Power On the R/C and Then I Power On My Laptop. Once Both the Controller and Laptop are Ready I Connect the Micro USB Plug to the R/C in the Micro USB Slot. Then I Connect the Other end With the USB Plug Into My Laptop and I DO HEAR a SOUND that a Device was Connected. However, Nothing APPEARS on the SCREEN of My Laptop or On the Display of the Controller.
My Laptop Has Windows 7 Operating System. Is This Compatable with the Controller???
Anyway, If You have any Sujustions it would Be Greatly Appreciated.
All I Want to DO is Review my Flight LOG in Detail so Maybe I Can Find My DRONE.

All of these steps are step #1 here. You’ll need to also follow steps #2 through step #7 so you can see the remote controller as a drive on your computer (like your C: drive). You’ll then be able to open that drive and access the files on your remote controller.

I Have Followed ALL those Steps. However, There is NO Window that is Suppose to APPEAR Saying “Turn On USB STORAGE”
There are Absolutely NO Windows APPEARING on the Screen of the Controller.
I Don’t Know What Else to DO???

When you follow these steps, where exactly in the process do you stop seeing what is documented? What do you see instead?

In Step #2 of the Instructions, it States: Swipe down from the top of the screen and Tap the "USB connected message.
When I wipe down from the top of the Screen I GET NOTHING. NO BOX APPEARS . NOTHING APPEARS. That’s the Problem.

Make sure you’re tapping, holding, and dragging your finger down from the very top of the screen.

I Have Tried THAT and ALL I GET is an UPDATE Notification. So Right NOW its UPDATING and Will Try Again when it id Finished. Thanks

OK!!! Its GOOD NOW. That UPDATE Made it Possible to Get the Box with “Turn ON USB STORAGE” Evidently the UPDATE Made a Difference.

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I Have Completed Down Loading OVER 200 Photographs but I DON’T SEE ANY Flight LOGS.

The flight logs can be found in “DJI\dji.pilot.pad\FlightRecord”.

Is That the Location on My Laptop Computer seeing the Down Load is Complete?

That’s the location of the files on the remote controller. You can choose the location to copy/move them to on your computer before copying/moving them.