Can't find DJI go app in google play store

Hello, i was given a phantom 3 standard which is my first drone . I was watching you tube videos on how to set up drone. It says to go to play store if you have an android phone
and download dji go app , but i cant find that app. Is this app still available for the phantom 3 std?.Thanks for your help.

You can download the Android APK file here.

You'll need to sideload it like this:
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I was given a Phantom Standard and I can’t find or download the Go app for my android phone. I’ve tried downloading the APK file but that doesn’t work. I’m out of my league here. Can anyone take me through the steps?

What did you try? What happened instead?

Thanks for your help
I downloaded APKPure (12.4 MB)
I installedit then searched for DJI Go app
I chose the one “for products before” and downloaded it
I selected “fast download with APK Pure”
I opened it and installed the app
I downloaded DJI Go
“Install unknown app?”, and I turned on APKPure and Chrome
“Installation failed”
I went to settings to grant permission and those two programs are turned on for unknown …
What do I do next?

Download the DJI GO APK here (see my screenshot above). Then, follow steps #1 and #3 here.

I went to Google, Phantom 3 Standard downlod center, and downloaded DJI Go for android APK (182.15 MB)
I opened it and updated it
I opened the app
“When I go to settings on my Samsung phone and select unknown, it lists19 choices. I have turned on APKPure and Chrome”
The DJI app shows - connect your DJI device
- Inspire 1
- camera
When I select camera it says it is disconnected
What have I done wrong?

Everything you mentioned above looks good.

Did you connect the Wi-Fi as shown here?