can't connect drone to tablet?

Trying to setup my drone after not using it for a while, had previously used a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with the controller but it won’t work anymore, any ideas why? and their a way to get it to work?


I am using a Galaxy Tab S2, SM-T713, it has 3GB Ram, 32GB Storage, and a 32 GB MicroSD Card. I bought it in 2017 and have been using it daily ever since. I fly a Mini 2 using the DJI Fly App and it works perfectly. But here are some things to look for.

You need to look at available usable Ram, Go to Setup, Device Maintenance (clean/end unnecessary apps that are running, and check available free ram–you’ll need 3-5GB of free ram to run the DJI software), and then Clean memory (to clear out trash and such from the Storage). I always do this before I use the Tablet before the first flight.

Also dump (delete) all old and useless apps that might try to run in the background. Any old photos or music also need to go. I save these to the MicroSD Card or to another device (computer, old phone, etc…).

Finally, make sure the cable is good; remember, you need a Charge/Data cable. If you are using an aftermarket cable, it might be charge only.

Worse case, you will need to do a complete Reset of the tablet.

Other than that, I’m out of suggestions.

Good Luck!

Ok, let’s discuss the Tab S2. If you are serious about using it for the DJI App, you need to free up resources (RAM and Storage).

I recommend a factory RESET (that will wipe out everything you ever loaded, saved, or copied onto the S2. Deleting old Apps is only so effective, there is always some files or resources that do not get freed up with a delete…

– Or –

You can really perform an internal “cleaning” of all the Junk files on your S2.

Now, if you do a Factory Reset, it’s all on you. If you mess up because you are careless, lazy, or did not bother to watch a video on YouTube, it’s all you. I do not want to read later that I made you messed up. I am offering you my best advice, I’ve thought this through and these are the steps I use. I am a volunteer computer instructor at two local libraries and I’ve taught lots of “knowledgeable computer users” who own computers and use computers at work, but do not know how to format a disk, copy a file from a disk, copy a file from a disk to a thumb drive, or even what a thumb drive (or cruzer or flash drive…) is or how to use one…

How to do this, insert a MicroSD Card and save all your old music, videos, photos, etc… to the Card.
Now, you probably have Apps that you want to re-install and there could be lots…

Also perform a Cloud Backup of all your S2 onto Samsung and Google, SETUP, Cloud Accounts, Backup your tablet and sync your data to Samsung and your Google account.

I cannot guarantee this, but when I do this, it ensures that I can at least the Tablet to where it was before… Again, Google or YouTube this…

You can either go to Setup, Apps, and write down every App you have or and I recommend this, do a Screen Shot (a short press of the Power Button and the Application Key (button on the bottom center of the screen–Google it if you do not know what I mean…). Screen Shot all the screens (the Main Screens and the App Screens). Now save them also to the Card. The Screen Shot photos will help to remind you what Apps you might want reinstall.

Make sure you know all your necessary passwords, especially the WiFi and Google Account.

Now do a Factory Reset, SETUP, About Tablet, RESET… (remember, it’s all on you…)

After the RESET, you will need to enter the WiFi password so the the tablet and upload the updates. It will also ask for your Google account and then ask if you want to restore the tablet. If you restore, you will be much in the same place you are today, so do not unless you messed up…

Now, you will also have all the junk Apps then Samsung put on your tablet, like “Candy” (kids game…) and other stuff you’ll never need or use. If you are not use what the App is, Google it first…

Now load the important Apps that you want to have and keep.

I keep a Group called Drones on my Home Screen, it contains the DJI Fly App, UAV Forcast, AirMap, B4UFly, Aloft, Chrome, and My Files. Having several Icons to Chrome and My Files in various places makes it easier and quicker to find what I need.

Turn off ALL Notification except to the above Apps.

Before I go flying, I always perform a Device Maintenance in Setup to clean out unnecessary running apps and free up memory.

Since the Table does not have mobile data and only has WiFi access, If I am going someplace to fly, I load DJI Fly with my home WiFi and scroll to the location I will be flying so the maps (Click on the Satellite maps too and scroll around a bit…) are loaded into the Queue.

I also have my mobile phone setup to Hot Spot (Tether) to the Tablet so I can use the Mobile Data from the phone if necessary. The Network Name I use is FBI-Surveillance-Van. I sometimes turn the Hot Spot on when I am in the Library or at a Free WiFi location and watch to see if anybody quickly shuts down their laptops and scoots away (they were probably looking for unprotected networks…).

Well that’s all I can think of for now. Let me know if you are going to Go Native and Do a Reset…

Thats really in-depth thank you! I have a T-810, It worked before but now it won’t as I said. In touch with DJI to find out why but I think I had DJI GO 3 which suppported it not DJI GO 4 which doesn’t. Not sure waiting for them to get back to me!

What Drone are you flying? The Galaxy Tab S2 is not supported by DJI, that means they have not tested it, it does not mean it will not work, but DJI is willing to research only so many devices (phones and tablets).

Additionally, some device manufacturers periodically update their soft/firmware and this update might actually kill the DJI App and keep it from running. Some members say that once they got their device working, they never updated anything again…

If you go to the following DJI Web Site, “The Best DJI Fly Compatible Devices and Troubleshooting” you will get a better feel of what to expect from DJI.

And Go to this Web Site for Real World testing by fellow Droners…

“Best Tablets and Phones for DJI GO & DJI Fly (Updated Daily)”

Good Luck!