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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8" (2015)


Let’s discuss using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8") with DJI GO. Share tips, the best device settings, accessories used with this device, and troubleshoot problems.


Here are some tips/settings that’ll help DJI GO perform better on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2:


I’ve read discussion using Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8"), I’ve followed the guide step-by-step at the link: [ but still the App DJI GO 4 don’t open connected with RC of my MavicPro.
A little window open to let me choose the App, but differentely from my phone Sony Z3 5", the window flash continuously, impeding the use of the App. This happens even uninstalling the other App (Litchi) and even with the APK file DJI Go 4.
Tecnical data of tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8" Mod.SM-T719
Android 7,
Thank you for any help.


Hello flytonio6169 :grinning:, I have a Samsung Galaxy TAB S2 8 "(SM-T710) that works very well with the DJO GO 4. I had some problems a few months ago by losing the image.I found the solution ( for the moment I did not have the same problem) = change the USB cable between the remote control and the tablet.The USB cable should be inserted in most of the remote control, below.
I advise you to uninstall other applications that are not original to work with the MAVIC PRO. That said it’s a great tablet! have a good flight !


There are differences in behavior between one Samsung and another.
Don’t write only Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, it says nothing, because is true and also not true!
Apart from the differentiation between 8 “and 9.7”, there are at least 4 variants, and this is the cause of different behaviors and different repeatable problems.

Versions with and without 4G/LTE, and with different electronics, Chipset, CPU, GPU, have their importance and great influence on the behaviour.
Even the Android OS version could change the games.

These are the different versions I well know of S2, and each name begins with the suffix SM- (for example: SM-T815)
8 inch:
T710 [Wi-Fi], T715 [4G/LTE] and T713 [Wi-Fi], T719 [4G/LTE]

9.7 inch:
T810 [Wi-Fi], T815 [4G/LTE] and T813 [Wi-Fi], T819 [4G/LTE]

The most problematic, instable or unusable (and that is likely to drive you crazy) with DJI GO 4 apps, moded or not, and DJI remote controller are these: T713, T719, T813, T819.

Even when you are thinking to have finally discovered a tricky way on how make DJI GO 4 work and show your drone connected, you can aspect the next time or in the near future to be stopped again and it refuse to be connected, even after repeated restarts of all, tablet, RC and aircraft.

Seems to be a random instabilty, but this happens very frequently with the same discomforting results, ambiguous results, initially good, later not anymore, as if something happened in the cache memory or in the system preferences that create conflicts.

If you want to be ready to fly, without having these unacceptable obstacles stopping suddenly your DJI drone to ground, these Samsung tablet are probably the worst solution, despite their strong point of a good visibilty under strong light and sun.

So, if you want a good Galaxy Tab S2 for your DJI GO 4 app, these are the compatible versions:

Size 8": T710, T715
Size 9.7": T810, T815


Hello i confirm, my tablet Size 8": T710 is top from my dji go 4 and no problem with signal lost eventually because i use a usb cable 2.0