Battery Disconnect???

My P4P just dropped out of the sky. I annualized the flight path and there was no obstacle strike. The last photograph I got I could see (video feed) that I by far cleared all obstacles. She simply dropped to her death.

Does your Phantom still power up? If so, it would be helpful if you could retrieve the DAT flight log from the Phantom (see the instructions here) and post it here. You can upload the DAT file to a file sharing site like and post the download link here.

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Where did you see that message?

Yes it does power up. But This was the message I recieived when I tried to view it with DJI Log Viewer. Or was the viewer only for the .txt files?

My log viewer does not accept DAT files. If you upload your DAT file to dropbox and link it back here, I’ll take a look at it. You’ll need DatCon if you want to view the contents of the DAT file.

Well that makes sense. lol

I will have that shortly

Were you able to retrieve the DAT file?

Yes and no. Bare with me. So I am new working with these. I downloaded 25 files. Seemed like there were two each of video then another then a video and another. I cant recall the second file name. Do I only need the two of them. In other words to the two files together represent one flight log?

The file you’re looking for has a “DAT” file extension. Follow these instructions to retrieve that DAT file from your Phantom. If you have multiple DAT files with the same date and you’re not sure which is the correct file, then upload them all to dropbox and I’ll help you find the correct file.

Any luck?

Here it is finally.

Using @BudWalker’s CsvView application, you can create graphs from the DAT flight log data. Here’s one that shows the roll, pitch, and yaw of the aircraft over the last 10 seconds of the flight:


At the very end of that graph, you can see very large changes in the roll, pitch, and yaw over a very short period of time while both remote controller sticks were in the center position. That is usually a sign that the aircraft struck some kind of obstacle.

Your downward sensors were not recording data, so it’s not possible to tell if they detected any of the trees you were flying over. I’m thinking the aircraft struck one of the trees and the impact was hard enough to make the battery pop out. Had it been a more minor impact, you’d see the aircraft tumbling to the ground. In this case, all we see is the start of what appears to be a tumble.

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I cant start a new post
my ph 3 std after a 5 min flight ,I pressed return to home ,It turned started on its way half way back it stopped became un balanced unstable and fell to the ground from 50 meters high any thoughts It was in my sight the whole time and no wind I am at a loss to why .Some minor damage several short flights have been done since so it still works 2 short flights where even done after the crash before any charging cheers Ross

If you can retrieve the .DAT we can take a look. Look here to see how to retrieve it. Then upload it to a sharing site like Dropbox or GoogleDrive and post the sharing link.

I created a new topic for you here. Please upload your flight logs in that topic.

FYI, you can create new topics now too.