Phantom crashed on the way back home

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@Ross, please upload your flight logs here so we can help you figure out what happened. Upload your TXT flight log here (see the instructions on that page) and post a link back here. It would be helpful to be able to see your DAT flight log too (see the instructions here) since that flight log contains more data.

Note: If your DAT flight log is too large to post here, you can upload it to a file sharing site like Dropbox and post the download link back here.

sorry about the delay I am not tech savey and use linux which is not usable for this

This incident looks like a propulsion issue. Since you flew it subsequently it isn’t a lost or broken prop. This means that it has to be an intermittent ESC or motor problem. For the P3 Advance or Pro the .DAT will have motor data that we could look at. But, this is a P3 Standard which doesn’t record motor data. Never the less the .DAT may have some useful info. Look here to see how to retrieve the .DAT. Then upload it to Dropbox or GoogleDrive and provide the link to the uploaded .DAT

The uncommanded Yawing started at about 637 secs. It was a CCW rotation with an initial pitch up. This is consistent with a propulsion problem with the left back motor.


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Agreed with Bud Walker, also looking at the Force errors, it appears to be a motor and/or ESC issue.

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