Anyone Change the Care Refresh Policy on a Replacement/Exchanged Drome?

Has anyone changed their DJI Care Refresh Service Agreement from one Drone to another New or Replacement Drone because the original was defective?

I have read numerous posting where the person took their Costco purchased Drone back for a replacement, but no one has written about a Service Agreement they bought on the original Drone.

I bought my Mini 2 from Costco Wholesale earlier this month. I bought the DJI Care Refresh Service Agreement from DJI the next day.

I am having a GREEN Bar appearing on the video on the bottom of the screen and I’ve seen numerous entries on various web sites concerning this.

I am considering returning my Drone to Costco for a replacement. The one issue I have is the service plan. Can I easily change the coverage from this Drone to the replacement Drone?

I have written to DJI Service Support but have not received an answer yet. I called the Dominion Drones (an authorized DJI dealer) in Virginia Beach, VA, but the associate seemed to be at a loss. My impression is that this place is more a “clearing house” for repairs, where they either replace your drone or send it off for repair, and they then charge the work against your Repair Agreement.

I do not want to send the Drone in for repair; I just want to exchange it for a new one.

The Service Agreement says:

  1. A single DJI product can only bind to DJI Care Refresh once. After using the service provided by DJI Care Refresh, if the product’s serial number is changed, the provided product will automatically bind to the original product’s DJI Care Refresh, and the original service and warranty period continues. Therefore, the original unit will no longer have a DJI Care Refresh Plan. Please do not re-purchase DJI Care Refresh for the replacement unit.

In all the “legalize” of this agreement, it says the replacement unit will assume the remained of the Service Agreement, but since I would not be getting a replacement unit from DJI, I am at a loss to figure out how to change it. The Service Agreement paperwork from DJI lists the serial numbers to the Drone and the Gimbal (camera). So, DJI would have to reissue an new Service Agreement.

In the DJI Fly App, under Profile, Device Management, there is an entry in RED, “Remove Device from Account.” When I click on it, the following Screen Shot appears:

At this moment, I’m not about to Click Next… Again with the legalize, but I think it means if I “Unbind” the drone, it basically become a “Free-Agent” and I am free to Bind another Drone to my account. In paragraph 2.b., they have some “scary verbiage” about the coverage…

So, I’m hoping that there is someone out there who has actually bought a drone, bought the Service Agreement, and then just exchanged the drone because it was defective, rather than use the repair/replacement option under the Service Agreement.

If you are still with me on this extremely long posting, Thank you for any Support you can provide.

This is a follow up on my last posting. DJI Diana, an Administrator on the DJI Forum, replied to my inquiry. Following is her response verbatim…

"Hi LoudThunder. Thank you for reaching DJI Forum. I’m sorry to read about this issue you had with your DJI Mini 2. For your convenience, you have an option to reach out to the dealer where you purchased the drone. Once the replacement is successful, you need to kindly reach out to our DJI Care team to forward a request on transferring the active DJI Care refresh plan to the replacement DJI Mini 2 by sending an email to "

I’ll probably take the Mini 2 back to Costco tomorrow morning, I know it’s the weekend and the Olympics are ending in China, so I do not know how long this process might take under these circumstances. I will update this posting with the results of this change over. I’m sure others have had similar problems and may even have forgotten about exchanging the coverage on their Care Refresh policy. As they say,

“Enquiring Minds Want to Know…”


Quick Update… I stopped by Costco this morning and “exchanged” the Mini 2… Actually, Costco does not do exchanges, you return your item and if you want another (an exchange…), you go buy another.

Since I got there first thing, I was first in the return line and it actually took longer to walk from the car to the store front than the actually return did… The only question I was asked was, did I want cash (I originally paid in cash) or on a card… I was in and out so quickly, you would have thought I was running around a Revolving Door…

I’m at home now, charging the batteries and I will test fly it later to ensure it is operating properly before I transfer the Care Refresh Policy. But since it will not yet be covered by a Fly Away Clause, I’ll fly it under the trees in case it has mind to take flight…


This is a final follow-up to my question:

“Has anyone changed their DJI Care Refresh Service Agreement from one Drone to another New or Replacement Drone because the original was defective?”

Well, I can now talk from experience. Changing the DJI Care Refresh Service Agreement from the old, defective Mini 2 Drone to the New, Replacement was really very easy.

Yesterday afternoon, I sent my email request to DJI Care. I included four attachments: the PDF copy of the original DJI Care Refresh Service Agreement I received in an Email, Photograph of the new Mini 2 Box Bottom, a Screen Shot of DJI Fly App: Menu, About Screen (showing the new Camera/Gimbal Serial Number), a Screenshot of DJI Fly App: Profile, Device Management Screen (showing the Mini 2’s Serial Number).

Within minutes, I received a reply (I thought at first it was merely an automated reply…), but it included specifics from my request and stating that they would take care of it.

A few minutes later, I received another email from Devon, a DJI Care Representative, asking for two more PDFs. One, the receipt showing I returned the first Drone and the other, a receipt for the Replacement Drone.

It was a few hours before I had the time to do this and sent them off yesterday evening.

This morning, I found an Email from Devon thanking me for contacting DJI Care Customer Support and he provided me a copy of my New, Updated DJI Care Refresh Policy.

He ended the Email asking me if there was anything else I needed and he said,

“We value your trust in our business and assure you of total customer satisfaction. Rest assured that we will do our best to provide assistance.”

Well, DJI Care did provide the best assistance I could imagine.

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Wow, good to know. I have purchased several drones directly from DJI and I have repaired 1 drone and replaced another. The DJI Care has been automatic. So glad to hear you were able to accomplish the transfer and that DJI responded and helped you. Glad you are sharing your story.