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Zion National park flights

Hey all, I am sure there have been those that have flown in National parks. We are visiting a few very soon and I want to know who I need to ask for permission from to fly in these areas. I am very respectful of our parks, but would love to get some footage in Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Canyonlands. Any suggestions?

Drones are prohibited in all National Parks. You may not launch from or land within them. If you fly from outside their boundaries, over them, as long as you can still see your drone, you might get hassled, but should still be on solid legal ground. As for bandit flying, you are on your own!

I did some research as well, and that’s what I got from my research. I wanted to see if I could get permit to get some good videos, but it seems that anyone I spoke to simply said, you cant fly your drone here. We are visiting several, but they all said the same thing. Oh well.

Since it is a complete prohibition, no matter whom you call, no matter which park, the answer won’t change, no matter how “good” your videos! There are no permits to be obtained to fly within the national parks. Anyone who does so is doing so illegally. Remain respectful.

While I was at the Grand Canyon, I saw many signs that said “No Drones”, and I didnt even take mine out of its case. As we were hiking we saw this jack wagon with his ‘spark’ on the ground trying to get it in the air. I told him it was illegal to fly his drone there. He said I didnt know what I was talking about, and how did I know. I told him to read the signs, they all say the same thing. He said it wasnt illegal. HA! So I just proceeded to the Rangers and told him where to find the guy. They arrested him and took his ‘Spark’. The area is a NFZ anyway, but he was trying to fly it anyway. There were other people there who also told him he cannot fly it there. These are the kind of people that give reasons why they keep limiting the areas we can fly.

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