Yaw motor/ESC Board Replacement Issues

The first issue is more of a complaint. When the parts came I thought I was sent the wrong gimbal motor ESC board. It was shorter and the mount holes were wrong. I soon learned that my P4A came from DJI with a P4 gimbal arm. It’s a little longer than the P4A gimbal arm. No wonder my camera hangs so low. The boards are different as well. I’ll keep the P4A board in case I acquire the P4A gimbal arm/ribbon to rebuild it right. I’ve got a P4 board on the way to get me flying again.

The second issue: After installing the gimbal yaw motor and snapping the drone all back together, on startup I get about 1/2 of a start bugle, then intermittent beep with no lights. Camera is functional. Motors won’t start. GPS (inside of steel building where I never get GPS signal) is green and ready to go without any satellite count. Motors twitch on each beep.

I’m pretty sure I’ll have to go back in and check everything out. Is there anything in the above text that says where I should check first?