Will Samsung Galaxy M12 work fine with Mini 2?

Hit there. Does anyone know if Samsung Galaxy M12 will work fine with Mini 2?


I cannot answer the whether the Samsung Galaxy M12 will even run the DJI Fly App. It must have a 64bit processor (do to the Google App Store and download “64 Bit Checker” and it has to be running at lease Android 6.0.

Points against it even if the Fly App runs, the phone is described as a mediocre performer that has heat problems. Running the phone with the brightness turned up all the way so you can see the screen outside in the full sun will definitely give you heat problems. If it does work, do not charge the phone while it’s plugged into the controller, charging only exasperates the heat problem.

Finally, the phone does not have a magnetometer. This little piece of technology gives the phone a Compass capability, when you are using maps, it lets you know which way you are pointing and if you lose a drone, it shows you which way to go to recover it…

Hi LoudThunder,
Thank you for replying :slight_smile:
It does have a 64bit processor and Android 11. It will work with the Mini 2, but I might sometimes experience a lag/something like that, in the images - so they told me in the shop.

I bought both the Mini 2 and this phone. Which I can return, have not used it yet.
I did not know a magnetometer is a good feature to have, thanks.

PS: The heat problems comes because of too small processors?

I am learning…
Thanks again.

I fly a Mini 2 and I have nothing but praise for this little drone. I use a Samsung Galaxy Tablet S2 SM-T713, 8" screen, and it works great. The screen is rated at 420 NITS, 3GB Ram and 32GB Storage. Have you looked here?

That 8" screen must be great.
Yes I have seen that list. I can see now it is easy to see images of the phones via the link to the left.

I was in the shop again, and the helper in the shop showed me the Samsung Galaxy A52s and said it will work on the Mini 2 without problems. He is flying drones himself. And it is on that list you showed me and rated as ok.
I think I will buy that one.

PS: The Galaxy M12 seems to have a magnetic sensor. Samsung Phones with Compass and Magnetic Sensor – Phones Questions

One extra question:
I have here 2 micro SD cards. Which one should I use for the Mini 2?

  1. EVO Plus UHS-1 class 10, Read speed: 95M/s, Write speed: 20M/s, 32GB.

  2. Lexar Professional 1066x micro SDXC, UHS-1 class 10, Read speed:160M/s, Write speed: 120M/s, 128GB.

Use the Lexar Professional 1066x micro SDXC, UHS-1 class 10, Read speed:160M/s, Write speed: 120M/s, 128GB. Now to prove why, I want you to perform a little test.

You can do this test in your home, on your kitchen table… You do not need to be flying, just have everything turned on as if you were going to fly. Point the drone at a light sauce so you do not get a low-light warning.

You will be changing between the two MicroSD Cards, remember to turn your drone OFF between swapping the cards, DO NOT leave the drone on when you are changing the cards… This can damage a MicroSD Card!!!

With the “Slow” EVO Plus MicroSD Card inserted in the Drone, shoot several 4MB still photos. When you do, watch the White Dot that indicates you are shooting photos. There is a “Write Indicator” a circle or ring that races around the White Dot that shows the photo is being written to the MicroSD card. Pay particular note to how long it takes to write the data.

Now Turn Off the drone, and swap out the card and insert the Lexar and perform the same test, notice how much quicker the Ring races around the White Dot. It’s writing the data that much quicker.

Now leave the Lexar in the drone. Put the EVO in your phone or tablet to store your old songs, photos, etc…

My experience with the slower MicroSD I used while I wanted for the return of my SanDisk, I noticed that my 4K videos “stuttered” as the camera fed the data faster than the card could write it. And if you are shooting a lot of photos in sequence, you cannot shoot a second photo until the previously one gets written…

Finally, do not use your 128GB card as a storage device, download those photos, otherwise; you will wind up with thousands of uncontrolled data files that you will never find since the file names are based on date and time…

And I do not recommend removing that MicroSD Card from the drone and inserting it into your computer/laptop, use the quick transfer to put the files onto your device and then transfer the files. I cannot prove it, but I’ve read too many problems with folks trying to use the card outside the drone…

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Thank you LoudThunder for the advice!

The two SD cards were unopened at the time I asked for advice, so I decided to open and use the Lexar. And no problems with it.

And after that I made my first ever flight in an open field. Oh, I was so nervous! But it hoovered above the ground and waited for my next move. I followed the training instructions.
Since that I have flown several times and taken many photos as that is my intention.

I might test the performance of the Lexar with the one I have in my camera. But that should be pretty fast too.

Sorry for my late reply.