Why do I keep getting a message I’m not log in when I go out to fly my drone, it then says I have no net work

Why do I keep getting a message to log in when I’m out trying to fly my drone, and I can’t log in when I’m out in a field somewhere

You should log into DJI Fly in a location where your mobile device / remote controller is connected to the Internet before heading out to fly. Once logged in, you should not have to log in again until you manually log out.

If you do not log in, the altitude will be limited to 30 meters and the distance will be limited to 50 meters.

And to follow up that thought, you do not need to log out when you finish flying, just stay logged in. I’ve been logged in for over two years now…

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Yep! It’s best to stay logged in so you don’t run into the scenario above.

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