Which YouTube drone channels do you like to watch?

Here are a few of my current favorite drone related YouTube channels:

Peter Homer:

Which drone related YouTube channels do you like to watch?


This is probably one of my favorite. Peter is very unique, and he is not afraid to really experiment with the equipment and see what it can and can’t do…

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I’ve watched Dustin’s channel for a while, he seems pretty thorough and unbiased.


I don’t know what a “channel” is but I like Ken Herron.


A “channel” is what people commonly call a member’s YouTube homepage.

Ken is pretty entertaining :slight_smile:


Great sources. Thanks!

Love his video’s. Great voice to listen to.

A few I watch, not yet mentioned, I think.


Ya, I subscribed to all of those previously, thanks for the reminder. 101 was probably the first channel related to drones I chose, as he covers the toy end very well, that was my budget then.

Tom’s Tech Time is one of the first drone channels I started watching. He does a good job reviewing new DJI products and creates useful how-to videos.


The RC Saylors are a favorite of mine. Nate and Abby provide honest/hands-on reviews of all types of drones and RC products. Great resource if you are looking to buy an inexpensive drone to share your hobby with the kids.

The Rc Saylors

I’ve been watching a lot of Mr MPW recently, especially with the change in regulations. He has been very helpful. https://www.youtube.com/MrMPW/

Drone Valley. This is an excellent channel recorded by an engineer. His presentation is straightforward and concise. I have learned a lot from this https://youtu.be/GyeIu1tdoGU.

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