Which mobile device are you flying with? (September 2023)

I need your help with two quick things:

1) Are you currently flying with one of these mobile devices? If so, please click the heart beside that mobile device to show you’re using it.


2) If you’re using a mobile device that’s not on my list, please comment below and let us know the following:

  • Which mobile device are you using?
  • Which DJI apps do you fly with? (DJI Fly, DJI GO 4, DJI GO 3, etc.)

Thank you for your help!

I am a fan of this web site as it was one of the first I discovered two-years ago when I was contemplating getting a DJI drone and did not know if my Galaxy Tablet S2 would worked with the DJI Fly App and it did and I gave your site “My Heart” and later when I upgraded to Galaxy Tab A8, I updated the Heart, and the same with my Moto G7 Smart Phone.

I am active on other web sites and when a member asks for info phones and tablets, I include the link to this Web Site.

I would make one suggestion, add a RID Module category in the future so the members might be better informed as to what is on the market and how well it works…

Thanks for all you do!

Good idea. I think it’s too early to compile that kind of information since RID modules don’t seem to be widely used yet.

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Yeah, I know a database for RID modules is too early. There are not enough to choose from and the folks who are using them have not had enough time to evaluate them (battery life, usability, dependability, weather resistance, etc…).

Pilot Institute put out a very good video reviewing 8 different modules and they are all pretty expensive tight now…

I fly the DJI Mini 2 and most of my flying is recreational, but I submit most of my FAA requests for authorizations under my Part 107 because recreational flyers cannot fly in a Zero Altitude Quadrant and I live in one and the whole area is tightly controlled…

When I contacted the FAA UAS Support Center a short while back, they indicated that the requirement to register the RID Module Serial Number might be given a grace period of about 6-months. After that, it would cost an additional $5.00 per unit.

I am hoping that the 16 September 2023, implementation date of the RID requirement will be slipped or at least get a grace period.

My first cell phone cost over $800 and my last one (TracFone Moto G) cost under $50 from QVC with a year’s service and it works with the DJI Fly App… So, I hoping the cost will come down real quick to $30 or so…

That one wouldn’t surprise me. The FAA rarely hits the dates they first propose for anything new they are putting in place.

I just saw this video and TIm McKay got an email from the FAA yesterday, 2 Sept 2023…

In a document apparently released by someone at the FAA (see it here), they are going to have some type of grace period for people who purchased an RID module and haven’t received it by September 16th.

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