Which is the best laptop to buy for editing photos and videos?

I am an enthusiast and professional photographer. I want to buy a laptop to edit my photos and videos and playing games in free time. Can anyone suggest the best laptop which I can buy? My budget for the laptop is Rs. 50000.

Which editor are you planning to use for editing videos?

I mostly want to use Adobe Priemere Pro and After Effect for better editing and quality. Suggest me a laptop which can run both the software smoothly and render the image and video faster without any problem.

You can find the system requirements for Adobe Premiere Pro at the link below. Make sure the laptop you use meets or exceeds those specs. And you’ll of course have the best experience if you use a system that meets the recommended specs (instead of the minimum specs).


You can check the system requirements in the Adobe Premiere user guide.
If that is not intuitive for you, I happened to see someone in Adobe community recommend this post:

Wish it helps you.