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Where are my photos and videos located on my Android Phone?.

I have an Android phone and after trying to download from my Mini 2, I can not find the photos and videos on my phone. What directory are they in? Also I have a big micro card in my phone so my stuff might be there

Also do I edit the photos and videos on my Android or from the DJI FLY App?

My Android is running V11 of the OS and DJI Fly app V 1.5.4
From what I can find most photos are located on internal storage at Android/data/dji.go.v5/files/DCIM/OriginalFiles/Photo and DCIM/ltm
Flight logs are at Android/data/dji.go.v5/files/FlightRecord

I am using a free app called File Manager + because the default Files App which comes with Android doesn’t allow access to the above folders.

As far as editing goes I hate trying to use a mobile device. I usually use the DJI Fly app “Album” option to transfer videos and photos to my phone local storage, then transfer to my desktop computer to edit.