When in doors I loose video connection

So when I was trying to fly inside of the workshop and I’m literally 3’ below the drone I get an error and the drone connection for video stops.

If I go outside it works perfectly.

Indoor a metal workshop with welders and such and I’m close to vehicles so I don’t know if that makes any difference other than the magnetic field.

Flying in visual mode to Atti mode as there’s no gps signal inside the building.

When the video stops working, I can still control the drone but just don’t have any video.

An error for the IMC calibration shows up on the screen and a message to not run the drone until the calibration is complete was the last code it gave.

Any ideas why there’s a issue only while inside??

Are you able to repeat that behavior when indoors in other locations? If not, then it seems there is some sort of interference in the workshop.

No. It’s never happened before. I use the drone 90% indoors and this was a surprise and a disappointment at the same time.

I could fly outside the exact same building but in doors the video connection would just stop.

Are you saying you’ve flown inside of this workshop before with no trouble? Or was this the first time you attempted to fly there?

No, when I’m in my shop I fly without ever discovering this issue. Was at a customers shop and literally 2 minutes into it it was all over… Never could keep the connection between the controller and the drone.

When I went through the DJI app on my phone (while connected to the controller) it said I had an IMU error but it would not calibrate.

Walk on the other side of the door, outside, and it’s all good? IMU wouldn’t just come and go…

The IMU issue is probably unrelated. I’m not sure why that message would appear.

If you want to get to the bottom of this, you’ll need to revisit that shop and try flying again. If the same thing happens, then you’ll need to hunt down the source of the interference. It’s most likely coming from some type of electronic device.

I have watched a DJI tutorial which says not to fly the drone directly above your head, hard to maintain signal, fly it a distance in front of you.

Also in a metal work shop all the interference with the compass would render it impossible to fly in my opinion.