What does DAT have that TXT does not

What is the difference between .TXT files and .DAT files? According to a note on DatCon, the Mavic’s .DAT files are all encrypted.
So what do the .DAT files contain that the .TXT files don’t?
BTW, in regard to my Mavic 3, how do I find what the current F/W versions are without going on-line to update?

@BudWalker has some of those extra fields documented here. Some common fields I see people using for troubleshooting purposes include the individual motor speeds and fields related to magnetic interference. In most cases, the data in the TXT flight log is sufficient.

You can find the firmware versions in the Settings → About section of DJI Fly.

Thanks Mike, that answers my questions. I’m buying your FlightReader.
And thanks for offering the discount.

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