What compatible screens rather then phones are used?

Wonder what other than smart phones can be used. To have benefit of larger views? My Android screen is OK but to use a Laptop or other with a big screen would be sweet!!)

Any successful users of alternate to smart phones? With P3 Standard…

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I guess most people use iPads or tablets. Heaps of info on this forum.

I fly a DJI Mini 2 and I use two different Android Tablet, one a Galaxy A8 with a 10"-screen, but it’s heavy (1.25-lbs) and a Galaxy S2 with an 8" screen, with mych better video and it only weighs 8-ounces…

Both require an adapter to fit the controller. I made the RED bracket out of plexiglass, but you can buy commercial ones…

Thanks for that ^^^ reply… my standard 3 does not have that black cable…

What does it do?

I used to use Tripltek Pro8, but since I have gotten more into drone automation, I found I needed the power of an iPad Mini (latest Gen.)

I fly a Mini 2 and the black cable connects the controller to the device (could be a phone, but in this instance, it connects to my tablet…). Doesn’t your P3 use a big white cable?

My Phantom 3 uses wi fi to communicate to control.

Just orderd a Samsung tablet. We shall se how it goes. Expect it to work like my S9+ Samsung but with the big screen.

Just remember, I said that my A8 Tablet is heavy, I do not know which tablet you bought, but expect it to be heavier, much heavier than your phone…

Good Luck, you might need a neck brace…

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If your Phantom 3 Standard still has the phone clip installed, you may want to consider installing a tablet holder. There used to be lots available on Amazon but I used the holder made for the Inspire and followed the instructions from msinger, the owner of this site.

Here they are: Phantom 3 Standard tablet holder

I still use my P3S after all these years and it still flies great snd the tablet holder is rock solid.


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Thanks for that Chris ^^^ Since I orderd the big Samsung unit. I will just sit it side by side for starters. When I fly generally sit in a Adirondack chair so the monitor can be moved to my lap or arms of chair.