What can I teach you about DJI flight logs?

If I created a series of YouTube videos about DJI flight logs, what are some things you’d like to learn about them?

Ufff, to understand what it means, everything would be too much for you. But I understand that understand the most basic, the structure of information, those lines of colors. It is complex, so maybe the most basic and safe after a first contact would appear doubts, if you want to go deeper. I look forward to those videos, even if they are in English and I am Spanish: slight_smile:

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You don’t want me to try Spanish. That might be even more confusing :smiley:

For me anything, as I know nothing to include WHY I want/need to know about this. I am curious about it,…

Exactly what everyone else said. Would love to be able to understand the color lines - the 3 or 4 different dotted or solid lines on the graph I have seen as different colors. I’m fairly new to drone and would love to learn how to read the flight log graph.

Color lines?

I would like to see all the information that you can create and have it in terms that are easy to understand. So many acronyms now days and most of us don’t have a clue as to what they stand for. How to access all the different parts of all the flight logs. Keep it simple, keep it simple. That’s what we all need. Thank you for wanting to take on this task. It is so needed.

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Si lo haces en español, lo entenderemos mucho mejor :sonriendo:

It definitely won’t be available in Spanish since English is the only language I’m able to speak fluently.

Early on we could go to free web sites, upload our data and it would play back your flight to include so much info it was mind boggling. Speed, height, direction of flight, wind speed, when you maneuvered your stix and how etc. It would also superimpose this onto google maps and be insanely accurate in a 2-dimensional view. Now all the sites charge or want you to have an account,… the colors, I think, were associated with battery levels and other items. HTHs.

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Its already available here

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My online log viewer is free and does not require an account:

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Was going to give you a plug there. Couldn’t get the link in fast enough. :wink::+1:

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It does not matter, we’ll look for a translator, for example GOOGLE TRANSLATOR :grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A basic overview for us beginners would be really helpful.

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I, for one, stand ready to learn some very useful stuff!

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How to do the data analysis

Data analysis is a pretty broad topic. Are you looking to learn anything in particular?

Yes. I would like to see how to extract just very basic information:

  • Start location lat and long
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Flight duration
  • Max height AGL
  • Max distance from pilot
  • Battery ID
  • Start charge as % of capacity
  • End charge as% of capacity

Just how to read all the numbers and what they relate too.