what best iphone for mavic 2?

halo, im using samsung s8 and get some trouble with dji app (dji go freeze/stuck, hang, aircraft disconnect, etc), all off firmware has up to date, and all way i have tried but still the trouble sometimes up again,. and when i try with ipad 2018. its works perfectly without any problem about “the android issues”. why?? what the problem with android and DJI??
and now i want to change my phone to IOS, which one best iphone for me and my mavic 2 pro? and i hope can work perfectly with other DJI device (pocket, osmo, mavic air 2 maybe,).

please answer with your experience !

thank you

If you haven’t already done so, try the tips in this article:

DJI currently supports all Apple devices from the iPhone 6 and up. You can find a complete list of compatible Apple devices here. I’ve personally had no trouble using the iPhone 7 and iPhone XS with my Mavic 2 Pro.