What are your best tips for preventing a flyaway or crash?

Flyaways and crashes are no doubt two of the things DJI pilots most fear. What do you do to prevent your drone from flying away and/or crashing?

As I am new to this hobby, I have been keeping things relatively close… I have gone to the max altitude (90m), but not very far in terms of distance, perhaps 250 meters away tops. I’ve been diligent in avoiding the metal roofs of my buildings (we have a hobby farm) and keeping a healthy distance from trees. I also check both IMU and Compass for interference or issues before each take off. Always try to use a full battery too. The other thing I will definitely avoid is bodies of water. At least until I feel I have a good handle on the aircraft and its habits. If I am flying off the farm, I also check the wifi channels for the best option.

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I always double check where the home point is, to make sure it didn’t reset during flight. I’ve seen times where, for some strange reason, the home point changed to somewhere in my flight path.
I’ve flown 419 miles do far with no incidents.
I stop going farther away when I hit 41% signal. Not taking the chance of going out of range.
I fly near power lines without any issue whatsoever, so far.
Make sure you have your return to home set correctly, in case the remote loses connection.

Great tip! And make sure the RTH altitude is set high enough so your drone does not crash into an obstacle on the way home.