Weird issue - Gimbal twitch - Mini 3 Pro w/RC

I had an issue with my gimbal during low signal strength to my controller @ about 2300 FT out. I upload the logs to phantom help and there is 10 seconds missing during the time of the glitch

I did see and respond to a post of a similar issue, but it was Mini 2 that was landing. My initial concern was the gimbal twitch was due to low signal to the controller. However, I have return to home activated if my drone loses signal so that really shouldn’t have caused the gimbal to twitch.

Does anyone have any insight into this issue?

My equipment:
DJIFlightRecord_2023-12-19_[07-08-46].txt (1.4 MB)
DJI RC (v01.03.0700 firmware)
Mini 3 Pro(v01.00.0700 - most current)
*realized this morning that there is a new firmware for the RC

Video segment from 19 Dec 2023

Any help or insight is appreciated.


There isn’t really a gap there. My log viewer doesn’t show the complete log in the map view. If you use Flight Reader instead, there is an option to show all data in the map view.

You can use the “Download CSV” link beneath the map to download the generated CSV log – which shows all available data.

That wouldn’t have been caused by low signal strength. Something caused the aircraft to abruptly tilt steeply from side to side here:

Perhaps related to the braking that was logged at that same point in the log:

That’s interesting that the gimbal did not adjust to keep the image level during braking event. Could a bird strike cause this?

Thanks for the pro tip re: flight reader.

I don’t think the gimbal can adjust that quickly. A then it can only adjust so far too.

Most definitely. However, bird strikes are rare and your flight log doesn’t seem to show any signs of an object striking the drone.