Weird circles on images-Pro Platinum

Hi all. this problem is driving me insane,I wonder if anyone else has experienced it?
Two circles show up on my images/video. I sent the drone to DJI for a look, they said they were unable to replicate the problem but reset the camera anyway. Problem is still there…I have replaced the controller, replaced the connecting cables, even tried a different phone but they are still there on the screen. Where on earth are they coming from? My first thought was water damage or condensation but it has never been dunked and I always pack it away with silica gel bags.
Please help before I tear the rest of my hair out!

Can you share another photo so we can compare?

Sure, here you go

I’ve never come across anything like this, but I don’t think replacing those components is going to make a difference. It appears to be a camera-related hardware issue or potentially a dirty lens. With the size of those circles, it seems like you’d be able to see them if the lens was dirty.

Are you also able to replicate the problem by taking a photo inside? If so, I’d send it back to DJI for a second look.

Thanks for the reply.
Yeah I thought it might still be the drone itself, just thought I would try other components as I had them to hand. It was strange that DJI couldn’t ‘replicate the problem’ so I’ll get it back to them for another look, got to be worth a try.
If not the other option I have is to get a replacement camera/gimbal unit although that would b a last resort as A too expensive and B I wouldn’t know how to fit it?
Thanks again

Yes, that should be fairly easy if you replace the entire unit (like this one).

That repair looks like this:

Since the Mavic Pro is quite old now, I think you’re going to find most of them are either used or rebuilt from used parts. This one on eBay claims it’s brand new / never used.

Brilliant, thanks for the links, I’ll have a look when I get home
All the best