We think the neighbors bought a jammer?

We have about 10 drones in our neighborhood, and it looks like the neighbors have finally caught one illegally. This is of course after they already tried to shoot them a few times…

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What do you think???

It looks like you (or someone else) took off from behind a house, flew BVLOS, descending to a point where the remote controller signal could not contact the drone, and it finally auto landed due to a critically low battery.

There are a few potential illegal things here. The drone flight itself was probably illegal since it seems the pilot was not able to see the drone for the entire flight. And if the neighbor kept the drone after it landed, that’s likely some form of theft.

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If I had a neighbor who was doing what was implied with their Drone and I found it “crashed” in my yard, I would immediately turn the “crashed” Drone over to the police with my report that the Drone “must have run into a tree or the side of my house and crashed when it hit the ground.”

And I would let the police sort it out with the neighbor…

That’s how I handled a neighbor who kept letting their dog out to run the neighborhood; chasing cats, cars, and kids; digging in landscaping; urinating on every car tire it passed. Since the dog had “no” dog collar on the first time, I felt it was my civic duty to bring the poor lost dog to the pound in the hope that it’s owner would claim it (at a $25 fee…) and since the dog was unlicensed, and as it turned out, the dog did not have its rabies shots so to get the dog back that neighbor also had to pay for the $10 dog license and whatever the rabies shot cost.

The second time, the poor dog must have “lost” it’s dog tag off it’s collar and again the poor lost dog found itself at the pound for another overnight $25 stay… and the hassle of getting a duplicate dog license.

The neighbor finally got the hint and kept the dog in his yard, and he never guessed that the dog could smell Bacon Grease on your hands from 50 feet away and would come running…

At 10 m 5.2s the drone went into Go Home mode. Was the RTH activated by the operator? The drone appears to hover in place until it finally ran out of power and did a forced landing. So was the RTH option set correctly for a return to the home point or hover in place? If it was set to “hover in place” I can sure see why the property owner got annoyed with the drone sitting there constantly at that low altitude!

RTH was automatically initiated when the remote controller disconnected from the drone.

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