Waypoints 2.0 Stepping in Yaw Motion

I set up a series of waypoints using a building as a POI hoping to record a nice cinematic like video as the drone flew around the building. But, I was disappointed because the yaw motion was not smooth. The yaw motion seemed to step as the drone maneuvered through the waypoints. I used arc, not poly line for waypoint transitions and set the radius to the largest value possible (I don’t recall the value) hoping to get a nice smooth motion. If I use the POI mode the motion is smooth as expected but due to the geometry of the building POI mode won’t capture the video I want. Does anyone have a suggestion?

At this time, a manual orbit is likely your best option for the smooth video you seek.

Does DJI plan to fix this any time soon?

Have you tied Litchi, it does a much better job…!

Did you try moving further away from the building to see if that’ll smooth out the motion?

From what I’ve read on line litchi has the same problem.

Yes and the stepping/stuttering still happens.

DJI is aware that it is their issue not Litchi’s. They say they are working on it - but who know if they are or care.

They are busy making robots and stuff that does not fly! Litchi stutters on orbits and curved waypoints too… just aint analog enough for me :smiley: