I will be buying a Mini4pro soon. My question is, if I buy it at the dji store in the mall near my house, do I bring it back there for warranty work or do I have to ship it to dji? Any benefit buying it at the mall store? Thanks

If that store is not an authorized DJI service center, then you’ll have to ship your drone to a service center.

You won’t have to wait for the drone to be shipped to you. And it’ll be easy to return if something unexpected is found while unboxing.


Over two years ago I bought my Mini 2 from Costco. I bought the DJI Care Refresh and just over a year ago, I had to return my drone for repair after it crashed. I live in Virginia and I sent it back to the Fort Worth, TX. Repair Center and it was returned in just 8-days total… About a month after that, the new drone that they sent me developed issues and they had me return it and it also was replaced in just over a week, and they sent me Coupon for a FREE Battery for the inconvenience…